Deville Smith Talks Recruiting

Callaway High School and AAU MBA Hoops class of 2011 member Deville Smith (PG, 6-0, 175) is one of the most talented point guards in his class. And he's got the scholarship offers to prove it. Deville talked about those offers and how his overall recruitment is going at the moment.

What are your strengths on the basketball court?
Deville Smith - "I run the floor real well. And I can score and finish real well. Defense is also a strength of mine because I can steal a ball. I'm very quick."

I've seen you play a couple of times and you were great about stealing the ball. Why are you so good at that part of the game?
"Really, I just know how to play defense. My hands are very quick, and I can watch who is dribbling and I can anticipate what move he is going to make. And if he is going to pass it to my guy I am going to steal it."

Recruiting-wise, who has offered you scholarships?
"Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Florida, Baylor, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Marquette, West Virginia, Memphis and several others."

Did you attend any basketball games this past season?
"I attended a Mississippi State game."

What schools are you interested in right now?
"I am interested in Mississippi State, Baylor, Kentucky and West Virginia."

What do you like about each of those schools?
"I like their style of play."

What is your style of play? What are you looking for?
"Getting up and down the floor."

What do the schools that are recruiting you like about you?
"They say they love the energy that I bring to the game and how I communicate with my teammates. They also like the way I play on defense and the way I can steal the ball."

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