Coach Dan Mullen, Quarterbacks Comment

"I thought we worked hard out there. It was much cleaner, last week we really controlled a lot more and today we tried to put a lot more game situations in there so you could feel the effect of everything that happened during the course of the scrimmage. So that was the big difference."

Q: How would you assess the quarterbacks? "I thought they played pretty well today. I mean we're still very, very inexperienced in the receiver position, not very deep at all. So more of it is on the receivers probably than the quarterbacks even today. So we have to get that stuff cleaned-up."

Q: What will you look for from the quarterbacks this week? "Now they should be accelerating at very fast steps this last week. I mean, teaching is done, they should feel comfortable with things. This is where you should see the biggest improvements."

Q: Did very much of what you had them work on Thursday and Friday get put into action today? "I hope so. We're going to see it on film, a lot of it. I mean we're going to look at each fundamental of each position. I'm trying to watch the effort of 22 guys while we're out there, more than the fundamentals of all the guys. So we'll get that on the film afterwards."

Q: Last week you were disappointed with the offense, what did you see out of them today? "They played a little bit better today. I was pretty pleased with most of the things. I was most disappointed today with the turnovers. We dropped two punts and really that's what lost the scrimmage for the offense. They would have won the scrimmage if they didn't drop those two punts. That is a huge factor, and they (the offense) got to feel the effects of turnovers today."

Q: The secondary had a lot of young faces last year, what do you expect of them now? "I mean, there are still a lot of young faces out there when you look around. But, young faces that have played a little bit more football. When you have that I just expect higher execution level out of those guys back there, just be cleaner in everything they do."

Q: How did the running backs perform? "They did a pretty good job running the ball. Adrian Marcus made a couple of tough runs in there. I was pleased the fullbacks ran hard, for us we're not going to ask our fullbacks to be real dynamic runners. But if they can be physical between the tackles and get the tough four or five yards we're going to be happy."

Q: Did the offensive line hold up better this scrimmage than last week? "Yeah, I think they did. But everybody's performance was better today than the last scrimmage, which is really what you want."

Q: The defense showed more combinations and coverages today? "Yeah, this was a big day for us to get a lot of that stuff. This was probably our biggest scrimmage of the spring, I mean next week hopefully is going to be showcasing everybody. For a lot of fans it will be the first opportunity to get to see Tyler Russell and Chris Relf compete. That's going to be the big test for the quarterbacks, is next Saturday to see them in front of a big crowd and see how they are performing."

Q: Besides WR Sam Williams, have you been fortunate with so few injuries? "Yeah, we have. Now Sam hurts us a lot because he definitely was in the rotation at the receiver position. But we're hoping to have him back for the season. I hope we can just stay healthy the next week."

Q: How has losing O'Neal Wilder impacted the receiver position? "We have some other guys who need to step in and play. I mean, one player is really not that big of a factor for the team, but obviously any time you have a player who has played in games and is not going to be on the team that is going to hurt your depth."

Q: What do you want to get done in the last week before the spring game? "Well, Tuesday and Thursday are going to be critical, critical practices for us. They should be our two best practices the whole spring. Then, the spring game is a celebration of all the hard work they've put in. But Tuesday and Thursday we have to have our two best practices."

QUARTERBACK CHRIS RELF: Q: Was there anything you were pleased with more this week than last week? "I think my throwing was a good bit better than last week. We ran the ball a lot so I think there were things we were working on."

Q: Did the offensive line hold up better this time? "Yes, last week we did pretty good. Our offense came in and studied throughout the week and I thought they held up pretty well today."

Q: Do you see yourself being more comfortable with leadership and recognition now? "Yes sir, that's what I try to come out here and do every day. The team is going to follow me so I just try to come out here and lead every day."

QUARTERBACK TYLER RUSSELL: "Overall I did better than in my last scrimmage last week. Today was just about they wanted us to go fast, keep up the tempo, get the defense on their toes and try to make some plays. And at times I did, and other times I didn't. But everybody has got to be on the same page to be able to move the ball down the field."

Q: How tough did the secondary make it on you? "They put in some new plays as far as defensive looks, everybody walking around and you don't know who is going to blitz and who is not. But my job is to find who is going to be the hot guy and who is going to blitz and try to get the team into the best possible play to throw the ball."

Q: Is it good the defense is putting so much pressure on? "Yes, I'm very glad. I feel we're going to have the defense in the SEC with all the looks they're giving us right now. And they're making the whole offense better, and we're making them better. If you see the best defense in the SEC every week, every day in practice that's just going to make you a lot better on Saturdays."

Q: Are you and the receivers and tight ends getting more comfortable? "I think so. Sometimes today we weren't on the same page, but that's where the summer pays off because you can keep throwing routes. Spring is for seeing where you are as a team and what you need to focus on in the summer."

Q: What do you want to get accomplished next week? "Next week is just keep going over all my plays, we're not going to put in any more new plays so it's just grinding, trying to figure out and learn. I've already learned all the plays but it's just certain deep passes that where you want to go with the ball, watching the film, and stuff like that."

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