Class of 2013 TreShawn Bolden Update

Class of 2013 forward TreShawn Bolden (6-8, 235), who plays his high school ball for Callaway High School and his AAU ball with MBA Hoops, talks about his strengths as a player and his recruitment.

Bolden has several strengths.

"My strengths are rebounding, taking guys off the dribble, shooting the mid-range shot, driving and dishing and posting up," said Bolden.

While many of these are what you would expect from a big man, dribbling isn't, but I've seen him in action dribbling two balls at the same time, switching from hand to hand while walking down the court. And he was exceptional at it. He explained how he became such a good dribbler.

"If you work hard at it you can be unbelievable at it, and I work hard at dribbling every day," said Bolden. "In a drill I do every day I dribble two balls at the same time."

But like any athlete there are always areas that need improvement.

"I still need to work on getting to the basket better," said Bolden. "I think I rely on my mid-range too much."

MBA Hoops coach Omhar Carter believes the 9th grader has a chance to be really special as he continues to develop and improve.

"TreShawn Bolden is a 6-8, 235 freshman who is versatile, can handle the ball and can shoot," said Carter. "The sky is the limit for TreShawn. He could come out as one of the best players in the state."

Bolden hasn't received much recruiting attention yet, but there's no doubt it will come.

"I've had a couple of colleges looking at me but not many," said Bolden, who grew three inches this past year, going from 6-5 to 6-8. "Duke is one of them."

Bolden, while in the early stages of recruiting, already has an idea or two about what he is looking for in a college.

"I would like to play for a coach who would allow big people to dribble if they want to," said Bolden. "I also like playing man to man defense."

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