Positional Breakdown, Part-1: Quarterbacks

Included is a very detailed breakdown of the Mississippi State quarterbacks based on their 2009 play and how they looked and performed during the just-completed spring practices and scrimmages.

Chris Relf (6-3, 240) Redshirt Junior

  • Scout Ranking: **
  • 2009 Stats: Passing 22-of-41 283 yds 5 TD, 3 INT. Rushing 76-500 yds 2 TD
  • Spring Game: Passing 13-of-24 184 yds 2 TD, 0 INT; Rushing 4-21

    Relf, the star of the Egg Bowl, has built off that performance and dedicated himself to becoming a SEC caliber quarterback. He had a great off-season, working on his accuracy. And it paid off as Relf became the surprise of spring practice, outplaying Tyler Russell and holding onto the number one spot on the depth chart going into fall practices.


  • Gamer - Relf is not the greatest practice player but when the lights come on he turns into a different player
  • Athleticism- Relf has the athleticism to run the option and make something happen if no one is open
  • Toughness- He doesn't mind lowering his shoulder to get an extra yard
  • Arm Strength- Has a cannon for an arm and can throw the deep ball
  • Outside Mechanics- Possesses very good throwing motion outside the pocket
  • Command- Relf has started to take control of the team in the huddle and line of scrimmage


  • In Pocket Mechanics- Relf's throwing motion has improved but he still has moments where he throws stiff and rigid in the pocket
  • Awareness- Has good football instincts but still struggles reading defenses
  • Quiet- has become more of a leader but still needs to be a more vocal leader

    2010 Projection:

  • Passing 189-of-297, 2,175 Yards, 16 TDs, 8 INTs; Rushing 74-630, 7 TD

    If Mullen plays to his strengths, then I expect Relf to have a big year thanks to solid pieces such as Chad Bumphis, Michael Carr, and Marcus Green surrounding him. He has learned to take what the defense gives him, which should lead to a high completion percentage next season. He should duplicate his rushing numbers from last season with more touchdowns.

    Tyler Russell (6-5, 225) Redshirt Freshman

  • Scout Ranking: ****
  • 2009 Stats: Redshirted
  • Spring Game: Passing 12-of-27, 125 yds, 0 TD, 2 INT.

    Tyler Russell is one of the most highly thought of quarterbacks Mississippi State has signed in many years. He was expected to come in and compete immediately but just wasn't quite ready, physically and mentally, for the pressure of SEC football and was redshirted. He bulked up to 225 coming into the spring where he was expected to compete for the starting job. Russell showed he had developed during the spring but was slightly out-performed by the veteran Relf. Russell must build on his spring by having a strong offseason.


  • Accuracy-accurate passer that throws a very catchable ball
  • Arm Strength- Has a strong arm that is capable of making most throws
  • Mechanics in Pocket- Throws very smooth when sitting in pocket
  • Size- Has the prototype size for a SEC quarterback, standing 6-5
  • Pedigree- All he has done is win in high school which is always a plus


  • Mobility- Limited mobility that hurts his ability to run option
  • Leadership- Has to improve his ability to direct team vocally in huddle and at line of scrimmage
  • Deep Ball- Has a strong arm but still struggles at times to throw the deep ball

    2010 Projection:

  • Passing 46-of-74, 450 yds, 4 TD 3 INT; Rushing 20-30 0 TD

    Russell will get a chance to play next season, especially in the first game against Memphis and also against Alcorn State. He may also get a chance to play if Relf struggles in certain games.

    Daniel Stegall (6-2, 220) Redshirt Freshman

  • Scout Ranking: **
  • 2009 Stats: Redshirted
  • Spring Game: Passing 2-of-5, 31 yds, 0 TD, 0 INT; Rushing 4-31

    Stegall signed with Miami out of high school in 2006 but elected to play baseball. When baseball didn't work out, he decided to give college football a shot. Coach Les Koenning asked him to walk on at Mississippi State. He redshirted last season. During the spring he settled in as the third string quarterback.


  • Mobility- Mobile QB with ability to run option
  • Short Arm Strength- Throws a strong ball in the 10 to 20 yard range
  • Age- He is 22 years of age, which should help him if he is forced to come in during an emergency situation.


  • Overall Arm Strength - Throws a good short ball but struggles with downfield passing at times.

    Riley Saunders (6-0, 180) Sophomore

  • Scout Ranking:NR
  • 2009 Stats: Redshirted
  • Spring Game: Pas.- 0-0, 0 yds, 0 TD, 0 INT.

    Synopsis: Saunders is a walk-on quarterback who shows a great work ethic in practice.

    Dylan Favre (5-11, 200) True Freshman

  • Scout Ranking: **
  • 2009 High School Stats: Passing 352-of-529, 5,589 yds, 63 TD, (?) INT; Rushing 1,265 yds. 18 TD

    One of the biggest storylines of the recruiting season was where would Dylan Favre end up - Southern Miss, Mississippi State or elsewhere. That question was answered when Mississippi State offered the Mississippi Gatorade Player of the Year shortly after junior college quarterback Cameron Newton signed with Auburn and Favre quickly accepted. Favre led his team, St. Stanislaus, to the 4A state championship with very little college type talent surrounding him. And he put up record numbers doing it. He is the nephew of NFL legend Brett Favre and, like Brett, is a "Football Playing Jesse."


  • Toughness- Very tough player who plays with tremendous effort on every play
  • Winner- Won the 4A state championship with very little college talent surrounding him, almost willing his team to victory
  • Deep Ball- Throws a great deep ball, leading his receivers perfectly


  • Mechanics- Has a sidearm throwing motion that will probably need to be corrected if he is to be successful on the collegiate level
  • Size- Good football player but must overcome his lack of height, only standing 5-11
  • Option Running- Will have to learn the spread after having free reign in high school

    2010 Projection:

  • Should redshirt but that could possibly change is there is an injury to Chris Relf

    Favre will come in with mindset to compete but will likely be redshirted to develop. The only thing that could possibly change that would be an injury to Chris Relf.


  • Projections- I went game by game and projected what the players were capable of doing, and then combined the numbers.
  • Football Playing Jesse- Just a pure football player that plays beyond his position.

    Jeremiah Short is a columnist who covers various Mississippi State sports for GenesPage.com. He can be reached by email at moot2005@yahoo.com

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