A Q&A With Jervohnte Riles

Jess Lanier High School senior wide receiver Jervohnte Riles talks about his recruitment and where all the school stands.

Which camps have you attended this summer?
"I was invited to the Tuscaloosa Nike Camp and did very well there. I came in second for the MVP."

What did you do well there?
"I caught a bunch of balls and had great route-running. I also used my size to my advantage."

Where else did you go?
"I went to Ole Miss either last weekend or the weekend before. I did very well there. I, basically, did the same thing there. Coach Dickerson really liked me and we talk a lot. And I talked to Coach Nutt a lot, too. They want me to continue coming back and watch games and get to know the people there. They told me how I can be a physical receiver for them."

You obviously attended the Mississippi State camp. Why did you decide to come to the MSU camp?
"I really love Mississippi State. I came down here for a couple of games during the season and fell in love with everything. The players made me feel at home. And it's not that far from home. And they have nice facilities, a nice campus. And the stadium was packed and real loud. It's an environment that I can see myself playing in, so I came here to check it out."

Where do the schools stand as far as recruiting is concerned?
"Mississippi State is definitely at the top right now. They have showed a lot of interest in me. Everyone knows me and they all love me. LSU is behind them. Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Ole Miss ... all of them are in the same boat."

What schools have offered you?
"Mississippi State has. South Carolina, Memphis, Southern Miss and Arkansas."

Have any of the others talked about offering you?
"Alabama has, Auburn has. Ole Miss was going to offer but I made a 16 on the ACT and said when I make 17 they are going to put an offer on the table."

Do you plan on attending any more camps this summer?
"I am going to as many camps as I can. I am going until my legs fall off (laugh). No, I am going to a lot of camps because I love to catch. And I like to meet new people, too."

When do you plan on officially committing to a college?
"It is going to be on February 3rd."

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