A Q&A with TE Coach Scott Sallach

Mississippi State tight ends coach Scott Sallach talks about his tight ends, how they did this past spring and who is projected to be on the 1st team and who are their backups.

Where does Marcus Green stand right now?
Scott Sallach - "He started to take, as Coach Mullen would say, the next stage in learning. He went from learning what to do, to learning how to do it which is going to start enhancing his ability to succeed. Due to that, we were able to spend more time on how to do things than what to do. But the biggest thing for Marcus was he didn't practice with the tight ends last spring. He was coming off an injury and surgery. He did a little bit of pass scaling in practice and that was it. So, this is really his first spring in Coach Mullen's and Coach Koenning's offense. So, I think that was the biggest reason he came out of this spring leading the race, so to speak."

How much better can he be this coming season compared to where he was last year?
"He is probably up to about 240 pounds right now and he's gone through less than a full year of training with (MSU strength) Coach (Matt) Balis. The difference you saw in him after last summer I would imagine will be just as dramatic this summer. I view him as such a raw piece of clay yet to be molded due to the surgeries and missing spring. While he has improved a lot, I still see more room to improve."

How good can he be?
"My personal opinion is he has a shot to make money at the game if he wants to."

Who is your second tight end right now?
"Right now, Brandon Henderson is the second guy."

Is it pretty close between Brandon and Kendrick Cook?
"Brandon and Kendrick have different skill sets. They both have the ability to be successful in different scenarios. I would say that Brandon is a little bit ahead now because in the spring he was as close to being healthy as he has been since I have been here. He has a world of ability and he can be a very beneficial weapon because he can create a lot of trouble for defenses. He has a lot of untap potential, but he's about to be a senior. If we can keep him out of the training room and help him develop that urgency to do it all the time, then you could talk about us having a super dynamic one-two punch with Green and Henderson."

Where do you see Kendrick's role in this offense?
"He has a role for what we are doing. It's probably not as extensive as he would like, but there are certain things that he does better than Brandon. Kendrick is going to be more of the put-your-hand-on-the-ground type guy."

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