Hunter Renfroe Commits To MSU

Copiah Academy catcher/outfielder/pitcher Hunter Renfroe, who was drafted in the 31st round of the June Major League Baseball draft by the Boston Red Sox, committed to Mississippi State Monday night.

Hunter Renfroe - "Mississippi State offered me and I just committed tonight. I called Coach Cohen and told him. I'm a Bulldog!"

What was Coach Cohen's reaction when you told him you were committing?
"He was very excited."

When did State offer a scholarship?
"They offered Friday after our game. I did pretty good during the game."

What was pretty good?
"I went 2-for-4 with a home run and a single."

Did you pitch during the game? If so, how did you do?
"Yes sir. I threw 92-94 (miles per hour) and hit 96 twice."

How long has Mississippi State been recruiting you?
"They have been recruiting me since last summer. I think they saw me at the State Games when I was a junior. And they kind of kept up with me during the summer. Football season started, so they went away. Then, they started back during high school ball."

Where did Coach Cohen say they want to use you?
"They want to use me as an outfielder, catcher, pitcher, just wherever."

Did he say he was expecting you to contribute immediately?
"Yes sir, immediately."

I know what you threw in the game last weekend, but what is your consistent velocity and what have you topped out with your fastball?
"Consistently, I'm 92-94 and I've hit 96, 97 once or twice."

With that kind of fastball and you being drafted in the 31st round, your signability factor must be huge.
"Yes sir, it's a signability type deal. But I see myself more as a catcher than a pitcher. This is my first year to ever pitch. I've never even been taught to pitch. I just throw real hard."

Do you throw any pitches other than a fastball?
"Fastball, curveball and changeup."

Would you say you have the makings of a curveball and changeup or have you really developed them?
"I have the makings of a changeup and I have a pretty good curveball when I can place it. Some days it's not quite there."

Do you have good control of your fastball?
"As the year has gone on, I have gotten better control of it. Now, I can place it about anywhere I want to."

Is your fastball straight or does it have movement?
"When I throw a four-seam it's pretty straight but when I throw my two-seam it's usually going in on righthanded hitters."

What is the velocity of your two-seam?
"That is usually what I throw."

The 92-94 velocity is your two-seam?
"Yes sir."

What is the velocity of your four-seam?
"I really don't know."

Obviously, you have a power arm, but you also have a power bat. What kind of power do you have?
"We played in Tennessee this weekend at USA Stadium. The field dimensions were 324 down the line left and right, 414 in dead center and there was a scoreboard in left centerfield, probably about 385 to 390. And I cleared the scoreboard."

What are the Boston Red Sox plans for you this summer?
"They are going to watch me over the summer, follow me at all the tournaments. I am going to go up to Boston on the 4th (of July) and play in one or two games with everybody that they drafted and they'll watch us. After that, they are going to talk to me, probably next month, about the money part of it."

Obviously, you have either choice available to you, college and pro. What are your thoughts about college ball and pro ball right now?
"With college, I can get my degree. If baseball doesn't work out or I get hurt I can always fall back on my degree from Mississippi State."

[This past season Hunter hit .583 with 20 home runs and 70 RBI while walking 62 times in 150 at-bats. He had a 1.476 slugging percentage. He also stole 16 bases in 18 attempts.-Gene]

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