SEC Has 5 Of The 10 Most Profitable FB Teams

Southeastern Conference football teams have been doing more than just hoisting championship trophies in the last five years. They also are cashing giant checks. Five of the 10 most profitable football programs in the country play in the SEC, a analysis of the most recent U.S. Department of Education budget figures reveals.

Georgia led the way and was second in the nation in the 2008-2009 academic year with net revenue of $45.38 million, followed in the SEC by Florida ($43.29), LSU ($39.12), Alabama ($38.16) and South Carolina ($37.23). Nationally, only Texas ($65.02) made more money than the Bulldogs.

"I can't say we're doing it better because everybody is in different situations," said Frank Crumley, Georgia's executive associate athletics director for finance and business. "The cost of a lot of things is different depending on where you are. We are fortunate where we are with a lot of our costs associated with things such as travel, which is a big one. It's great to be a part of the SEC."

Auburn ($29.81), Arkansas ($20.33), Tennessee ($19.84), Kentucky ($12.9), Ole Miss ($9.17), Mississippi State ($5.88) and Vanderbilt ($4.38) rounded out the SEC's money numbers.

The root of all that money, Crumley said, is the conference's fan base.

"I know this sounds like a cliche', but we have a great fan base that supports us," he said. "It's not like we're doing anything different other than being mindful of our donors' money and doing the right thing with it."

In Georgia's most recent $84 million budget, $40 million comes from the sale of football tickets ($23 million worth of contributions for the right buy those tickets and $17 million in sales).

"I'm not going to lie, money is important in anything," Crumley said. "You see it from everything to attracting great faculty to attracting great coaches to building great facilities. All of which goes toward attracting the best student-athletes."

Total Net Revenue for SEC

  • Georgia $45.38M
  • Florida $43.29M
  • LSU $39.12M
  • Alabama $38.16M
  • S. Carolina $37.23M
  • Auburn $29.81M
  • Arkansas $20.33M
  • Tennessee $19.84M
  • Kentucky $12.90M
  • Ole Miss $9.17M
  • Miss. St. $5.88M
  • Vandy $4.38M

    *According to U.S. Dept. of Education

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