Eight Questions with QB Chris Relf

Mississippi State junior quarterback Chris Relf answers eight questions from Gene's Page that no other media member asked him during SEC Media Day, including why did he play tennis and soccer in high school.

How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
"I am 6-3 1/4 and weigh 245 pounds."'

What sports, other than football, did you play in high school?
"I played every sport (in high school) except for baseball, including soccer and tennis."

I bet you were a big kid, even in high school. I simply don't see you playing soccer. What position did you play in soccer?
"I played goalie (laugh)."

About the Ole Miss game, how can a guy who is 6-3 1/4 and 245 pounds run like you did in that game? What is it about you that allowed you to run like you did?
"Working, work hard. Give it 100% every summer. I started doing that since the 7th grade. When everybody was having fun in the summer, I didn't have fun because I was out there working. I mainly focused on football during the summer. I didn't start playing tennis, soccer, track and all that stuff until my 9th grade year."

Why did you pick those sports? I don't see a football player playing tennis and soccer. Track yes, but not tennis and soccer.
"I played those just to keep myself out of trouble."

Why didn't you play baseball?
"I tried baseball my 12th grade year but I didn't want to throw my arm out. I gave up on it because I had a full scholarship to Mississippi State and I didn't want to risk throwing my arm out."

How long did you play before you gave it up?
"I went up there for two days (laughed). It's the only sport I gave up on."

Going back to that earlier statement where you said instead of having fun during the summer months you worked. Why work so hard when you are still a kid?
"My mom and dad told me to give it 100% when you are chasing your dreams. And that is what I'm doing. It's that passion for football. I love football so much. I have been playing it since I was in the 3rd grade."

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