A Q&A With MSU Signee Hunter Renfroe

Mississippi State baseball signee Hunter Renfroe, in an exclusive one-on-one interview with Gene's Page, talks about how his summer is going and where he stands in regard to his dealings with the Boston Red Sox, the team that drafted him in the recent 2010 Major League Baseball Draft.

You are playing with the Mississippi Worth Bandits travel team this summer. How has your summer gone so far?
Hunter Renfroe - "It's going pretty good. I have probably hit 7 home runs and batting about .400."

In high school, because you were the best player on your team, you were pitched around a lot. But playing with a lot of elite players like you have on the Bandits' team, are you seeing better pitches to hit now?
"Oh yeah, a lot more. I'm seeing fastballs down the middle, curveballs down the middle, curveballs hanging a little bit. When you do get to see a 90 miles per hour fastball and you hit it, it does go a long way."

You were drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the June Major League Baseball Draft. They had their drafted players come up to Boston and hit and pitch in Fenway Park for a few days to showcase your skills. How did that go?
"We played two games up there, one five inning game and one seven inning game. We played against everybody they drafted but hadn't signed yet. I hit four times each game. The hitters hit and the pitchers pitched. And I faced competition that was throwing 94 to 97 constantly."

Hitting-wise, how did you do?
"The first day, I went 2-for-4 with a double and a single. The second day, I went 0-for-2 with two flyouts and two walks."

Did you pitch while you were there?
"No, I didn't pitch. I just caught, played outfield and DHed."

Did they talk to you afterwards about your performance and what their plans are for you until the August signing deadline?
"No, they didn't really talk to anyone. They told their area scouts about what they saw, how we did and about their offers. Then, the area scouts got back with you and talked about that."

Has the area scout gotten back with you?
"Yes sir, he did. He said they are still talking about the money amount and how much it will take. He told me an amount they could offer but it's not for certain yet. And I'm not likely going to sign for that amount of money."

What did your area scout say they like about you as a hitter?
"They like my quick bat speed, my power and that I have good eyes watching the ball."

How do you feel college can help you as a baseball player?
"It will bring my draft status way up. And if it doesn't work out, I can always get an education and do something else."

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