A Q&A With MSU Signee Garrett Pitts

Mississippi State baseball signee Garrett Pitts, in an exclusive one-on-one interview with Gene's Page, talks about how his summer is going, how he has tried to improve his game and about to play for the college he grew up rooting for.

You are playing with the Bama Bombers Scout team. How are you trying to improve yourself as a baseball player this summer?
Garrett Pitts - "I'm trying to get out here and play a few games competitively, get a few live at-bats, see live pitches and, defensively, create live game situations."

You were playing shortstop in today's game. Have the Mississippi State coaches talked to you about where they want you to play?
"They haven't talked to me about it a lot. For right now, they said they are, primarily, keep me in the middle and also check me out behind the plate and see how things go there. If they get in a bind and I'm the guy who could play back there, then they might use me there."

What is your normal and best pop time as a catcher?
"I am probably consistently around a 1.9, maybe a 1.95. My best ever wasn't in a game situation. It was in a practice with no gear on. It was a 1.76 but I don't know how accurate that was."

It's about two months and you will be playing scrimmage games for Mississippi State. What are your thoughts about that?
"The shorter the days get and the closer it gets to me, the more excited I get thinking about putting on that maroon and white. It's going to be awesome."

Have the State coaches given you a workout to help you prepare for the upcoming fall?
"Yes sir, they sent us a workout program. I've sent it to the guy that I typically train with on a day-to-day basis. And he took their stuff and implemented it in with the stuff we do."

When Mississippi State fans see you hitting, what kind of hitter are they going to see?
"They will see a guy who tries to get on base, really, find a way to get on regardless of the situation or who is pitching. And, hopefully, they will think of me as a tough out. I just want to try to help the team anyway that I can."

You showed power in today's game. Do you feel that will be part of your game when you get to Mississippi State?
"I hope it will be. Hopefully, if I can get some pitches I can hit, I might get lucky ever now and then and hit one out."

You grew up a Mississippi State fan. How special will it be for you to step foot on Dudy Noble Field as an MSU fan?
"It is really a dream come try. I not only will be able to cheer for the Bulldogs but represent the Bulldogs. You know what the fans want, so you can contribute to that as a player by going out there every day and laying it on the line for the maroon and white. That will be an awesome feeling."

What are your hopes for this class that you are coming in with? What do you feel it can achieve while at Mississippi State?
"Ultimately, do what everybody else tries to do every year, get to Omaha every year. We want to be the best we can be. And if we get that opportunity, hopefully, we can take advantage of it and give the fans of Mississippi State another college world series."

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