D. J. White Update

[Premium Article] Tuscaloosa (AL) Hillcrest's season is done. That means the next time you see D.J. White will be at the Boo Williams Invitational next month. He's ready.

D.J. White is one of the top players in the nation in the Class of 2004. His epic battle with David Padgett last December is one for the ages. It was a battle against a player White referred to as the best he faced all this year.

"We were going at it," said White. "We had too. He's a good player. I learned a couple things from him. That was my first time ever seeing him."

With White's aspirations, it won't be the last time he rises up to a challenge like the one Padgett presented.

With a current school list of Alabama, Indiana, North Carolina, Florida, Mississippi State and Auburn, White certainly will get challenged at the college level. The only question is where?

"Right now I haven't too much thought about it," said White. White did say that he wouldn't mind taking some visits in the near future but doesn't have any set up and will wait and see what the coaches say to him after their seasons.

White will play with the Alabama Lasers at the Boo Williams Invitational.

"I can't wait," said White.

Neither can we.

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