Tobias Smith: Injury-Free

After missing most of his first two years at Mississippi State due to injuries, third-year sophomore offensive guard Tobias Smith is finally injury-free and ready to contribute.

Tobias did suffer an injury in the spring game but that appears to have healed.

"I hurt my knee in the spring game but I'm healthy now," said Tobias. "The basic thing with me now is staying healthy."

He's not even going to think about another injury occurring. There are more important things on his mind such as 300 pounders trying to run over him to get to the ball-carrier.

"If I think about it (an injury), then I'm not thinking about my assignments," said Tobias, who has played in three games during his two-year career. "Plus, when you are thinking about which way the 300 pound guy in front of you is going, you don't need to be thinking about getting injured."

And if he does stay healthy he sees nothing but good things for the offensive line.

"Since I have gotten here the toughness, the attitude and the demeanor of the O-line has gotten better," said Tobias. "And all of that comes into play when you on the offensive line because you have 300 pound guys running forward and you are back pedaling while trying to make your block."

Another reason he expects the O-line to be better is due to the experience factor.

"I think we all know what each other has to do due to us playing together for so long," said the 6-3, 305-pounder. "We really don't even have to worry about the calls because we all understand the offense."

Another factor that has helped improve the offensive line is Mississippi State's defense line and the style of play of the Manny Diaz defense.

"Man, they move so fast and they move so much (on defense)," said Tobias. "It's rough to go against them everyday. I would have to talk all day to explain how tough it is to play against them. But a defense like that is good to go against everyday because it helps you prepare to play other people and it causes you to stay discipline."

As for the talent level of that defensive line, he didn't even want to talk about that.

"We don't even want to talk about their players," laughed Tobias, when asked about how good the MSU defensive line is. "They are very talented."

And that's how he wants fans to think of him when this season comes to a close.

"I hope fans say that he is a great player who plays as hard as he can on every play," said Tobias.

Tobias Smith and the rest of the Bulldogs begin play on September 4th against Memphis. Kickoff is scheduled for 6 p.m. with the game being televised nationally on ESPNU.

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