Sean Ferguson: A Diaz Defensive Play-Maker

Mississippi State junior defensive end Sean Ferguson is tall, quick and fast, which fits what a defensive end is supposed to be in a Manny Diaz defensive system.

Sean had a chance to play in the Diaz system coming out of high school but couldn't turn down the chance to play in the rugged Southeastern Conference.

"I knew Manny (Diaz) before he came here because he actually recruited me out of high school when he was at Middle Tennessee," said the Miami, Florida native. "He came all the way to Miami to recruit me."

And a couple of years later, Manny Diaz followed suit and joined him at Mississippi State as the defensive coordinator. And Sean couldn't be happier that he did.

"I didn't know what to expect, what type defense he was running," said the 6-4, 255-pounder. "Now that the defense is coming together, it is amazing, just amazing. I can't wait until we put it out there on the field and test it out against some other teams."

Sean explained in detail why he thinks so highly of the aggressive style of defense that Diaz likes to play.

"We disguise, we attack," said Sean, who has played in all 24 games, including 9 starts, over the course of his first two seasons at Mississippi State. "As far as the front (defensive line) we don't have to think, we just go. We go up the field and try to make plays in the backfield. The secondary is awesome. The coverage is awesome. (This defense) is amazing to watch sometimes."

While the entire defensive unit will benefit from the attacking style, Sean believes the defensive line will absolutely thrive in the system.

"Oh yeah, it's a dream come true for me," said Sean. "And actually, it's ( a dream come true) for the whole D-line. We aren't having to think or read anymore. We are just getting up the field and pass-rushing. It's always open, always to the quarterback."

As for what Mississippi State fans will see from Sean Ferguson this year, the best description very well might be play-maker.

"This year I will make more plays, make more plays, a lot more plays," said Sean, who has made 37 total tackles, including 6.5 tackles for losses, during his two-year career.

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