MSU WR Chris Smith Sees Improvement

Mississippi State sophomore wide receiver Chris Smith has seen a great deal of improvement in his individual game and the overall team offense since last season.

"Last year was more a lack of concentration and discipline for me," said Smith, who caught 3 passes for 22 yards during his frosh campaign. "Last year, I was discouraged because I didn't know what to do or what to expect. I'm more disciplined this year. By doing that, everything else is better for me. Now, I'm more ready and know what to expect."

He's also much improved physically.

"I've gotten bigger and I've improved in being a more physical blocker," said Smith, who has increased his weight from 187 when he first got to MSU to 208 now. "I've also gotten quicker. With the speed of the game in college you have no other choice but to get faster and quicker."

Not only has he improved but he believes all the other wide receivers on last year's team have shown significant improvement.

"All of us have improved a lot (since last year)," said Smith, who played in 10 games last season, starting two. "They were like me last year, they didn't really know what to expect from the offense. But now, this year, we all know what to expect. And all of the boys have gotten better catching the ball, running perfect routes, everybody is blocking well. But we still have to improve a little bit more on blocking before gameday."

And thanks to a better understanding of the offense, Mississippi State fans will very likely see more offensive plays when that gameday occurs.

"There has been more added on to the offense, but the system is easier to me now because I'm more familiar with it," said Smith.

Smith feels the quarterbacks are also more familiar with the offense.

"Chris Relf has improved a lot," said Smith. "Relf is going to be Relf but he's gotten better at passing the ball. We threw a lot in the summer.

"And Tyler (Russell) has improved a lot, too. Decision-wise, he has improved a lot. Last year, he felt the same way I did, a little discouraged but he got back on his feet."

With the improvement, Smith feels certain about one thing when it comes to the Mississippi State offense.

"We are going to be better than we were last year," said Smith. "The only thing I can tell you is to come out there and see it (for yourself)."

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