Will Cox Leading The Way

What does a player who went 13-1 and led his team to a runner-up spot in the state championship series vs St. Stanislaus do for an encore? Amory High School's Will Cox has that challenge before him as he prepares to lead his team again in his senior season. It is a task, however, that the big right-handed pitcher is ready to take on.

"Coming off of a state championship (series appearance) my arm was pretty drained," he said, when asked about his summer. "I had to throw so much through the playoffs and stuff that I pretty much took the summer off taking it pretty easy. I played with the Mississippi Bandits, and had a really good summer pitching-wise. My arm was not back to being that live yet, but I was still working hard and pitching some this summer."

The Bandits had a great summer and represented Mississippi very well.

"We had a great summer as a team, we placed 5th in a tournament of about 200 teams," he noted. "I was really working on my location a lot this summer, and especially my slider."

His plans are now trying to get his arm back in shape as he heads into the fall.

"At the end of July I really focused on running a lot and trying to get my arm back to where it was at the end of the season," he said. "Now I am in Tuscaloosa for a showcase for Alabama, and I hit 88 on the radar. It is creeping back up there, but I want to get up to the 90 goal."

His plans are to keep his arm in shape by getting in a little work with one of the best teams in the area.

"I am playing with the Marucci Elite this fall, and we will be playing some showcase tournaments on weekends," he said. "They said they will not let me throw more than 3 innings at a time at any day. We play at Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Southern Miss, so it will be a good way to get my pitches there and see my velocity increase, hopefully."

Amory High will be looking to Cox to lead them back to the state championship again this year. Will Cox admits some things will have to fall into place, and some young guys will be looked upon to fill in at key places in order for that to happen.

"We lost our catcher and third baseman, and our number two and three pitchers from last season," he informed us. "So, I am hoping that some guys can step up this year, especially pitchers. We will need to fill some holes from players we lost. If all goes well and we work hard, I know we can get back to the state championship, though. We have enough athletes to make it back as well."

Cox has seen seniors in the past take that role and now he is ready.

"I am trying to put myself in the big-time leader position this season," he said. "I am really going to try and guide the younger guys. Last season I went 13-1, and I am going to try and repeat that though I know I will have to work even harder to get there. The expectations will be high."

Also, being his senior season, Cox has started to look into his options for playing at the next level. He has three teams in mind that lead the way right now.

"I had a few visits to Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Alabama," he said. "Right now I am leaning toward State, because I really like them. I am hoping for an offer by November; that is what I am shooting for. Alabama has shown a lot of interest as well, though. I do like Ole Miss, and I like Alabama a lot. I just feel like I am in a position where I can't go wrong with any of these schools."

Drew White is a recruiting writer for MississippiHardball.com, an independent website that covers Mississippi baseball, including high school, junior college and travel team ball. You can contact him by emailing andrewlawrencew@hotmail.com.

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