Coach Steck Talks About Improved Tiger D

Tiger defensive coordinator Dave Steckel shares some thoughts about this years defensive showing so far

On Monday, Missouri defensive coordinator and linebackers' coach, Dave Steckel, took a few minutes to visit with ShowMeMizzou. He shared some of his thoughts about his defense.

"You can't take the place of experience," said Coach Steckel. "You can never take the place of experience................... We have a lot of kids, that this is just there second year of playing football in college, whether they're red-shirt freshmen, or true sophomores, or some of our seniors or juniors who haven't played before. It's their second year in the system, so they're feeling more comfortable with what we're asking them to do, where we're asking them to be. And because of that, they're not thinking now, and they're just reacting. And, I think that's really helping us."

"When you're not thinking," explained Coach Steckel, "you can always play more aggressive(ly)."

"There's a lot of kids that we can count on, which is awesome," said Coach Steckel, responding to my question about the Tigers' defensive depth. "There's a lot of kids we trust, and put out there on the field. And, I think that's the strength of our program, that if you're capable of playing, we get you on the field, and let you play."

"We're real happy with where we're at," Coach Steckel. "But, we have a long way to go yet, too. We haven't even gotten close to playing our best football game on defense, yet. We've got to eliminate big plays. We've got to tackle better................... There's always something to correct, and always something to do better................. Every day (the players) step on the field, they've got to get better, and I think a lot of them have been. So, that's a plus."

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