Coach Pinkel's Weekly Media Address

Tiger head coach addresses the Colorado win, player performances and updates on the injury situation

On Monday afternoon, Coach Pinkel met with the media, and updated us on his injured players, and talked about some of the current issues facing his team.

Coach Pinkel confirmed that Aldon Smith "will be out for the game". He said that the training staff is going to try to increase Smith's activity this week, and if Smith's availability for this week's game changes later in the week, that they'll let it be known at that time.

On Blaine Gabbert's injury status, Coach Pinkel indicated that they expect him to play, but that they'll prepare James Franklin to play, just as they do each week.

"We're going in right now with, like we always do, Blaine is going to be the starter," said Coach Pinkel. "Until that changes, that's what we'll do. And, we don't really adjust. We run our offense the same way. You probably control the passing game a little bit different, with James in there. We would do that. I think that's standard for a back-up QB."

For Gabbert's injury, being able to play is primarily a matter of his being able to tolerate the pain.

"I thought last week we didn't run the ball as well as we should've," Coach Pinkel stated. "I think you give Colorado credit. I thought they did some good things. (They) moved around a lot on us. We didn't run the ball real well sometimes. We didn't block real well sometimes. And, we didn't coach real well sometimes. So, it's a combination of all three."

"If you're talking about substituting the running backs," Coach Pinkel responded to a question. "Does it affect our running game? No. No. They're all good players................... They're all contributing. They're all good football players................... It's just what I said. We got to coach better. We got to block better. And, we got to run better."

Coach Pinkel acknowledged Terrell Resonno's play against Colorado.

"That might have been his best game," said Coach Pinkel, speaking of Resonno. "He's played some good games, but I thought he was very productive, very physical................. Terrell made some real nice plays the other day."

Coach Pinkel fielded a question about the defense overtaking the offense, kind of a role reversal from recent seasons.

"I think we're just a team," Coach Pinkel answered. "That's the approach we take. Everybody's got each others' back. Everybody understands that one group might have a better day than the other, and the other one's got to pick it up, and create opportunities. One group might be more mature than the other. One group might be younger................ Ultimately, responsibility-wise, the offense's job is to outscore the opponent, and the defense's job is to hold them under our score. Our team does a real good job, for years, of handling that really well. This is all about us together as a football team."

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