Breaking Down The Run Game

Tiger offensive tackle Elvis Fisher explains differences in the run game between week 4 and week 5

Earlier this week, Missouri's starting left tackle, junior Elvis Fisher, took a few minutes to speak with ShowMeMizzou, and he was asked to talk about the difference in the Tigers' running game against Colorado versus earlier games such as Miami (OH). Fisher was pretty forthright in talking about what had occurred against Colorado.

"Colorado did some different things on defense that we were not used to seeing," said Fisher. "But, I give them credit for coming out and playing hard................ We eventually got it................ The biggest thing is that Colorado came out in some stuff we hadn't seen before."

Later, Coach Yost echoed Fisher's statements, saying that Colorado showed defensive alignments, and was doing some shifting right before the snap, that the Missouri staff hadn't seen from them after viewing the last three years of video on the Buffaloes.

By about the third possession of the game however, Missouri had made the necessary adjustments, and started moving the football. Fisher talked about some of what took place during those first couple of possessions.

"The first possession out there, we went out there, and their defense lined up in something that we hadn't seen," explained Fisher. "After that possession, we were on the sideline, just trying to get the correction and everything, and trying to figure out where they were lined up, and get everyone on the same page. You know, eventually we got it. It was a hard fought game the entire game, and they played hard................... It was just getting our assignments down................. We got together on the sideline, and had to sort it out."

Finally, the big tackle was asked about Missouri's next opponent, Texas A&M.

"They're going to play hard, just like every other team in the Big 12," said Fisher. "They're fast. Their D-ends and linebackers are fast. We've got to be prepared to pick up any kind of blitzes they want to show................. They're a good team."

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