Coach Pinkel's Weekly Media Address

Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel discusses the state of his at his regular media day address

Coach Pinkel met with the media on Monday afternoon, and updated everyone on injuries, and talked about the state of his team.

Luke Lambert is out for this week. Coach Pinkel said that there's "a discussion going on" about Lambert possibly applying for a medical red-shirt, to regain a year of eligibility. Will Ebner and Kevin Rutland are probable for this week's game. Coach Pinkel said that he doesn't remember ever having a position hit so hard by injury as the LB position has this year. In addition to Lambert and Ebner, the Tigers have lost Jeff Gettys, Donovan Bonner, Adam Burton, and Tony Randolph to season long injuries.

Coach Pinkel talked about Jarrell Harrison playing LB. He said that Harrison has really "grown up", and referred to him as a "soldier" on the team. He indicated that Harrison is likely to play some more LB.

Coach Pinkel called it "absurd" that Missouri would let down after gaining a 24-point lead early in the 4th quarter. He said he doesn't understand why players would look at the scoreboard, and have a let down. It appears that this is a sore subject for Coach Pinkel, as he admitted that for his team to relax with a 24-point lead is a sign that they're not as mature as they need to be.

Coach Pinkel was asked how he can get his team to do a better job of handling success.

"It's real simple," replied Coach Pinkel. "It's just about focus. We've been working so much on focusing well. And, I'm not the only coach in America that struggles with that. But, for the life of me, it's really hard for me to figure out. It's really hard to figure out why, I don't really care what the score is, why you just wouldn't play well. But, I've been doing this a long time, and this is not the first time that it's ever happened. Learn the lesson, and hopefully, we can play."

It's easy to see that this subject gets under Coach's skin. It's obvious that he's frustrated by the loss of focus by his players.

Coach Pinkel talked about his defensive ends. He cited Aldon and Jacquies Smith, Brad Madison, and Michael Sam. He said that Aldon is regaining his health, and is getting back into form, and he mentioned how well Jacquies runs. It's easy to see that Coach Pinkel really likes his defensive ends.

Coach Pinkel commended junior TB De'Vion Moore for his attitude and leadership, calling him a team player and a "soldier".

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