Senior Safety Looking Forward To Bowl Game

Missouri senior Jarrell Harrison shares his thoughts on going bowling, Iowa and some Tiger underclassmen

Senior starting safety, Jarrell Harrison, has really grown up during his time at Missouri, and he has become a difference maker in the Tigers' secondary. He was all smiles following the announcement that Missouri had been selected to play in the Insight Bowl, and he took a few minutes to answer some of our questions.

"I'm excited!" answered Harrison, in response to my question about playing in the Insight Bowl. "It's pretty close to home (Las Vegas). So, I'm excited! I've got a lot of family coming down. It should be fun!"

Harrison indicated that he's been to the Phoenix area on multiple occasions, and is pretty familiar with the area.

"It's going to be a great time for us," continued Harrison. "To go out there and have fun, but to know that we've got a football game to play. We definitely want that eleventh win, but it's not like a regular season game. We're going to be down there for about a week. Coach Pinkel always tells us that he wants us to have a good time at the bowl game, so that's what we're going to do. But, we don't want history to repeat itself, and we know that we've got to go to work to beat a good Iowa team."

"I think we just need to work harder in practice," explained Harrison. "Last year, I don't think we worked as hard as we could.................... I just think we need to focus on getting that eleventh win. This team is much more mature than last year's team. And, we want that eleventh win really bad."

Harrison said that he is acquainted with Iowa's All-American defensive lineman, Adrian Clayborn. He seemed to already be pretty familiar with Iowa.

"Iowa's a good football team," said Harrison. "They're big up front. They want to run the ball. They've got a good quarterback, in Stanzi. So, we've got our hands full, as a defense...................... I know that they're a good football team. They were in the hunt, and they beat a good Michigan State team. They're a good football team!"

Harrison said that the week off has really helped.

"It was a great week off to recuperate your body, and get the school work done," said Harrison. "I'm not 100%, but as good as I can be during the season. This is the best I've felt all season."

Harrison did a good job of answering my question about young players on the scout team, who have made an impression on him.

"There's a bunch of guys," began Harrison. "Greg White, running back. He's going to be a good one. He runs real tough. He gives us great looks in practice every week. He runs it pretty hard. He gives guys a run for their money, when we go head up. Jimmy Hunt has been going off, in practice. He's going to be a good one! He's real quick! He's real hard to jam off the line. He's going to be a good one, in years to come. Jaleel Clark, he's going to be real good. He gives us a good look at receiver, so the receiver spots are going to be good. Bud Sasser. He's a good one, too. Chris Freeman, O-lineman. I think the scout team is paying dividends for him. Just to get a year up under his belt. He's going to be a good one, too."

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