Hunt Makes The Most Of His Practice Time

Missouri red-shirt freshman WR Jimmie Hunt has been impressive on the scout team. He talks about his first year as a Tiger

Freshman WR Jimmie Hunt 6'1" 198 was injured early in fall camp, shortly after he arrived on campus, and fell behind in terms of learning his position, as he didn't return to full speed until the season was well under way. It's generally conceded that had Hunt remained healthy, he would have played this season, but instead, Hunt spent the season working on the scout team, and 2010 will end up being a red-shirt year for the uber-talented receiver. Following a recent practice, Hunt took a few minutes to visit with ShowMeMizzou.

"It felt good. It felt good," said Hunt, talking about getting the opportunity to run Missouri's plays, after performing on the scout team all season. "It felt real good, actually. The coaches told us to go out here and do what we know. And, that's play football. Run everything to perfection, to the best of your ability. We're getting coached up by our big brothers, our position leaders. It was really more of a learning experience."

Hunt talked about the experience of working on the scout team.

"It's just another task, really," began Hunt. "Something you've got to commit to, and be able to get done...................... It's always a learning experience...................... Overall, it's the best experience you could go through. It makes you real humble. It makes you think a lot. It (develops) you as a player."

Hunt talked about developing good practice habits.

"I've always been a person that practiced," explained Hunt. "Practice makes perfect. Just stay focused. Run every route to perfection. Work hard, and try to get better."

Hunt said that he expects to catch every ball thrown his way.

"I expect my best," said Hunt. "All I can do is try to work hard, and get better."

Hunt said that he's always been good at catching the football, but that he's working to get better at it. I asked Hunt to demonstrate how he catches the football, and he held his thumbs and forefingers together to form a triangle, as he reached out to snatch an imaginary football.

Hunt said that he expects to continue to play the H WR position. It's easy to see that he prefers that inside position. I asked him what he needs to do to move up the depth chart, and get on the field. His response was measured.

"Just stay healthy," said Hunt, as he looked me in the eye. "Stay healthy. Work hard, and try to get better."

Hunt said that he's looking forward to the trip to Arizona for the bowl game.

"I'm planning to have a great time," said Hunt. "A great time. It'll be a new experience."

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