Tiger OC's Take On Iowa and The Insight Bowl

Missouri offensive coordinator Dave Yost shares some thoughts on the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Insight Bowl

Following the announcement that Missouri will play Iowa in the Insight Bowl, Missouri Offensive Coordinator, David Yost, took time to share some of his thoughts.

Coach Yost talked about his relationship with Iowa's secondary position coach, Phil Parker, who was on Coach Pinkel's staff with Yost at Toledo. Coach Yost also talked about how frequently the Missouri staff runs into the Iowa coaches on the recruiting trail, pointing out that the two schools go head to head on a good many players, and not just in Missouri and Iowa.

"It'll be nice to get to see (Phil)," said Coach Yost. "But, it's on a competitive side..................... They have a quality staff...................... We run into them (on the recruiting trail) probably as much, if not more, than anyone else...................... So, if you win the game, you can say (to recruits), 'Yeah. We played them. And, we beat them.'"

"Someone's going to have bragging rights after the game," explained Coach Yost. "Just winning, because you're on ESPN, it's always that way. You normally see it a year later. Just like winning ten games this year will be more of a factor in next year's recruiting than it is this year. The 2012 kids that you're trying to impress right now, that's what they're seeing. That's what will be on their minds, as they start going on their unofficial visits, and doing all of the stuff that goes on with recruiting. Winning a bowl game on ESPN is always a positive, especially because it's a prime time game, and every kid might not be watching it, but every kid probably ends up watching Sport Center at some point. When ESPN covers the game, they do a lot more highlights on it, so you get a chance to kind of show yourself off."

Coach Yost admitted that he's seen Iowa play on TV a few times this year, while the Tigers were waiting to play their late games. Because of those opportunities to take an occasional peak at the Hawkeyes, Coach Yost was already pretty familiar with Iowa, although he hadn't yet broken anything down on them.

"They're very talented up front, on their defensive line," said Coach Yost, noting Iowa's All-American defensive end, Adrian Clayborn. "Starting with Adrian (Clayborn), he's a high level guy. He's an NFL type player. That'll be a great challenge for us, but I think our guys will enjoy that challenge. He's different than a lot of the defensive ends that we've faced. He's not a prototypical speed rush guy. He's a big, physical guy that can really run. He's very athletic, and very quick. We recruited him for a long time when he was in high school. He's different than Aldon Smith, or Jacquies (Smith), or Brad (Madison), kind of the speed edge guys. He's a bigger guy, a little bit similar to what we saw from Oklahoma, because Beal's kind of gotten to that size, and Alexander's gotten to that size. So, it's just a little different. The Ballard kid, on the other side, is very good. I know at linebacker, they're young in the middle. They have a true freshmen playing at the Mike, but they have a lot of experience in their back seven."

"I know that in the past, they're (Iowa) not a heavy pressure team," began Coach Yost, in response to my question about Iowa possibly utilizing the Double Eagle defense against Missouri. "They're a make you earn it kind of defense. That's just the personality of how they do things. But, I'd be shocked if they don't watch the video that everybody else has done it, and say, 'Hey. We've got to have this in'. So, we will prepare for it, and we'll be ready for it. What you've got to do is you execute against it early, and then they get out of it."

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