Morse Among The Top Young Offensive Lineman

Offensive guard Mitch Morse has been the most impressive group of the young offensive linemen the Tigers have red-shirting

During fall camp, freshman OL Mitch Morse 6'6" 285 quickly climbed the depth chart, and wound up heading into the season listed with the second unit. Missouri's quality depth along the offensive line allowed the coaching staff to withhold Morse from game action, and apply a red-shirt to his first season. Recently, Morse took time after practice to visit with ShowMeMizzou, and he talked about the opportunity afforded by the bowl practices to work with the second unit again.

"We're trying to work our hardest," began Morse. "These practices, we're just trying to work on fundamentals, get better, compete your butt off. The coaches decided to put me back with the twos, so I'm just trying to capitalize on it."

Morse said that he needs to work on his fundamentals, and is planning to get stronger during the off-season.

"I need to get a little stronger in the lower body," said Morse. "That's something I'm really going to work on with Coach Ivey in the off-season."

Morse talked about some of the techniques that he's working on.

"I'm working on my fundamentals," said Morse. "Getting my hips low. That's something we emphasize here, is getting our hips low. And actually, the three-point stance is different, but it emphasizes the hips low, which I like a lot. Once you get your hips low, it's a lot easier."

Morse said that he really enjoys the 1-on-1 pass rush drills. And he likes the competitiveness of his teammates.

"You get to really go after it," said Morse, speaking of the 1-on-1s.

Morse enjoys playing basketball, and talked about how he thinks playing basketball helps him develop his quick feet, and improve his agility.

"We're always working on our footwork," said Morse. "Always working on agilities.................... The coaches really work on that footwork. If you don't do it perfectly, you have to do it over and over."

Morse is looking forward to the Bowl Game experience, and referred to it as "reaping the rewards" for their hard work.

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