Friday Bowl Practice Report

We report in detail as the Missouri Tigers football team resumed practices for the bowl game only a little over a week away.

On Friday morning, the Missouri Tigers, fresh off of being done with exams, resumed practicing for their upcoming bowl game, with a full pads workout inside the Devine Pavilion.

There was some good news on the injury front, as Terrell Resonno returned to full participation, and Kevin Rutland was upgraded to practicing while wearing a red pull-over. Other players wearing red pull-overs included Donovan Bonner, Eric Waters, Marcus Malbrough, and Kerwin Stricker.

Veteran players took a few more reps on Friday, as the team begins to ramp up their practice schedule in preparation for Iowa. The younger guys still got in plenty of action, and some of the young guys continue to stand out. Jimmie Hunt and Bud Sasser continue to shine at the receiver positions, and freshman QB Tyler Gabbert is showing improvement, as well. Darvin Ruise and Kony Ealy are daily standouts on the defensive side of the ball, and on the offensive line, Mark Hill had a very good day, playing left tackle on the second unit.

During 7-on-7s, Will Ebner batted down a Blaine Gabbert pass, intended for Andrew Jones, just beyond the line of scrimmage.

James Franklin hooked up with Gahn McGaffie, who was coming across the middle. Josh Tatum had the coverage.

Ashton Glaser checked down to Greg White, out in the right flat. Glaser hit Jimmie Hunt out in the right flat for a nice gain. Glaser went deep down the left sideline, and Bud Sasser went up in a crowd, and came down with the ball, then sprinted into the end zone. That was a very nice grab. Sasser went up and snatched the ball out of the air. Tristen Holt was among those in the coverage.

Tyler Gabbert completed a short pass out along the left side to Matt Hoch. Tyler hit Marcus Lucas on a slant, and Lucas turned it up for a first down. Tyler hooked up with Rolandis Woodland just inside the numbers on the left side of the field. Then, Tyler found Greg White coming across the field on a drag route. The throw was a little behind White, but he turned around to make the catch, and made his way up field for a first down.

In the 1-on-1 pass rush drills, Aldon Smith used a double move to pick up a win over Elvis Fisher. After Austin Wuebbels stone walled Marvin Foster, Coach Kul stepped in and instructed Foster on hand placement. Lucas Vincent just overpowered Travis Ruth. Mark Hill took Brad Madison deep, past the QB, for the win. Ruth came back, and stopped Vincent, to even the score.

Just as Nick Demien put his hand on the ground, preparing to go against Corey Sudhoff, Coach Walker instructed him to "Get your thumbs up, Nick". It didn't help, as Sudhoff prevailed. Mitch Morse picked up a closely contested win over Vincent. Kony Ealy got past Anthony Gatti. Then, Coach Walker stepped in to try to instruct Gatti, who was visibly upset with, and disappointed in, his performance. Justin Britt won a closely contested battle with Foster. Jack Meiners gave up some ground, but recorded a win over Brayden Burnett. Morse stopped Sudhoff in his tracks.

In the Tiger Drill, Rolandis Woodland ran through Xavier Smith. Greg White ran through Kenronte Walker. E.J. Gaines stopped L'Damian Washington. Tavon Bolden came up strong, and took down Jared Culver. Matt White put a big hit on Jaleel Clark, and took him down for the win. Robert Steeples tackled Marcus Murphy for a win.

During 11-on-11 action, Kendial Lawrence took a hand-off from Blaine Gabbert, on the jet sweep, and took it around the left side, for near first down yardage.

James Franklin hit Marcus Lucas out in the right flat for a nice gain.

Matt White stepped in front of an Ashton Glaser pass, intended for Woodland, and came up with the interception. Glaser came back, and found Marcus Lucas out in the right flat, for a nice gain. Lucas went up for a pass from Glaser, out along the left side, and came down with a nice catch. Glaser completed a quick out to Sasser, out along the left side, in front of Jared Parham and Tristen Holt.

Jimmie Hunt dropped Tyler Gabbert's pass, as he came inside, on a slant. Tyler came right back to Hunt, repeating the previous play, and Hunt took this one up inside, made a guy miss, and took it up along the numbers, about 50 yards, for a TD. Darvin Ruise batted Tyler's pass into the air. Woodland went down for a nice grab, on a crossing route. Tyler put it in between Braylon Webb and Parham. Many of Tyler's passes today were just a little bit behind the receiver, especially on the crosses, slants, and posts. They're catch-able balls, but just a bit behind, reducing, or eliminating, the yards after catch. Except for Hunt.

Jimmy Costello found Jimmie Hunt over the middle. Hunt broke a tackle, made a couple of guys miss, and took it to the house.

Working with the second unit, Mitch Morse worked at both right and left guard, Travis Ruth worked at both center and left guard, and Justin Britt worked at both center and right guard. But, the star of the second team offensive line today was Mark Hill, who performed very well at left tackle. Chris Freeman took some reps at right tackle with the third team offense.

Some of the walk-ons were getting in a few reps. Ben Eskelson got into the backfield and caused a fumble. Michael Egnew, was standing next to Blaine Gabbert a few yards away, as they were watching, and awaiting their next turn. Egnew jumped into the fray, and recovered the fumble. Blaine Gabbert appeared to be amused.

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