Monday Bowl Practice Report

Tigers continue to get ready for their big bowl game match-up against Iowa with a two hour Monday practice

On Monday morning, the Missouri Tigers continued to prepare for their bowl match-up with the Iowa Hawkeyes, with a two-plus hour full-pad workout inside the Devine Pavilion.

Brad Madison wore street clothes, and watched from the sidelines. Afterward, Coach Pinkel indicated that Madison will be cleared to practice and play after the team reaches Arizona. Kevin Rutland and Eric Waters were both full participants on Monday. In fact, the Tigers are essentially at full strength heading into the Insight Bowl. Coach Pinkel talked about the team's preparation.

"(Practice) was good," said Coach Pinkel. "We had a good practice. It was kind of typical for us for a Tuesday practice. We're in that schedule, now. We went a little bit more against each other, as far as 1-on-1, and 7-on-7, and in the 11-on-11 period at the end, longer than we normally do during the season. But, just for the speed and intensity. So, I thought it was good."

During the 1-on-1 pass rush drills, Jimmy Burge ran around Jayson Palmgren to pick up a win. Elvis Fisher pushed Aldon Smith out wide, but Aldon used a rip move to get back inside for the sack. Jacquies Smith used a power move to push Dan Hoch back into the QB. Brendan Donaldson got a good initial push, but Tim Barnes recovered to pick up a win. Aldon Smith picked up a win over Fisher. Brayden Burnett pushed Jack Meiners back, but Meiners dug in, and held his ground. George White used a spin move to get a win over Justin Britt. Lucas Vincent quickly powered his way past Travis Ruth, knocking Ruth off of his feet. Marcus Malbrough got past Mark Hill. Burnett pushed Meiners back into the QB. Britt moved his feet, and evened the score against White.

During 7-on-7s, Blaine Gabbert found T. J. Moe out near the right sideline for a nice gain. Zaviar Gooden and Jarrell Harrison were in on the coverage. Blaine Gabbert completed a pass to Michael Egnew, out along the right side.

James Franklin completed a pass to Andrew Jones, out along the left sideline, for a modest gain. Franklin dropped back to pass, then took off up the middle for a nice gain.

During 11-on-11 action, in the red zone, Franklin hit Jones on a quick slant for six.

Coming out of the end zone, Franklin scrambled to his right under pressure, and completed a well-thrown pass down the right sideline, to Rolandis Woodland. Woodland came back for the football, and picked up a first down.

A little later, Franklin found Gahn McGaffie out along the left sideline, for a nice gain. Franklin hit McGaffie on a bubble screen out along the left side, and McGaffie picked his way up field for a first down. Marcus Murphy took an inside hand-off from Franklin, and cut it up inside for a nice gain.

Murphy took an inside hand-off from Blaine Gabbert, and took it up inside for a nice gain. De'Vion Moore took an inside hand-off from Blaine Gabbert, and picked up a couple of yards, over the right side. Kendial Lawrence took a pitch from Blaine around the right side, and took it up the sideline for about five yards. Lawrence took a hand-off from Blaine, out of a jumbo look, and picked up a short gain over the left side. Murphy took a hand-off from Blaine, and cut it up inside left tackle for a real nice gain.

In the red zone, Blaine Gabbert pulled the ball down, and ran into the right front corner of the end zone.

Henry Josey took a pitch from Ashton Glaser and picked up about five yards up the right side.

The first and second team defense went against the scout team, which was running Iowa's offense, under the direction of Tyler Gabbert and Jimmy Costello. Kerwin Stricker made a nice leaping catch, while running down the left hash mark, demonstrating outstanding athleticism.

The Missouri defense collected several interceptions. Gachkar, Rutland, and Harrison were among those who had interceptions. Both of the "Iowa" QBs were victimized.

Following Monday's practice, Missouri offensive and defensive linemen squared off in a short 7-on-7 competition. Tim Barnes found Elvis Fisher running down the right hash, and Fisher made a nice grab, showing good hands, and athleticism. A little later, Lucas Vincent broke up a Barnes' pass, making a nice play on the ball, and then showed great reaction, in corralling the tipped ball, and returning it for a TD.

Jacquies Smith was the trigger man for the defensive linemen, and his favorite target was Aldon Smith, who showed some impressive moves while running after the catch. Advantage D-Line.

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