Sasser Impressive During Red-Shirt Year

Red-shirt freshman wide receiver Bud Sasser has been impressive on the scout team and looks like a playmaker for the future

During fall camp, Missouri freshman receiver Bud Sasser made a good early impression, with his pass-catching ability, while competing at the Z WR position. His performance, and some injuries to some other receivers, resulted in a promotion for Sasser, and a move to the H WR position. The move inside, and some nagging injuries of his own, contributed to slowing Sasser's ascent, and as the Tigers entered the season, Sasser was listed third on the depth chart, and ended up taking a red-shirt for his first season at Missouri.

From all reports, Sasser continued to impress with his performance on the scout team this fall. During the early bowl practices, Sasser got back to working with the Missouri offense, and he recently took time to speak with ShowMeMizzou about it.

"I'm really enjoying it," said Sasser. "Because I'm getting back in the groove of our plays, and running our routes, to our specific depths. Just changing back from scout team, running everybody else's plays. So I'm liking it that we're running our plays, now."

Sasser's a perfectionist, when it comes to his practice habits. He has zero patience for dropping passes in practice, and rates his route running, as "Okay". His approach to practice is very mature. He uses practice as an opportunity to refine his abilities, and to improve in every aspect of the game. His focus is to try to practice at game speed.

Sasser has good size, at 6'3" 200, and has displayed very good hands, athleticism, and ball-skills. Sasser's very effective catching the deeper throws, and catches the ball in a crowd. Like all of Missouri's receivers, he works on improving his blocking.

"I'm getting a little bit better at it," replied Sasser, when asked about his blocking. "I still need to work at it. I'm going out there every day to think about blocking better, and just getting better at it."

Sasser is looking ahead to spring ball.

"I am looking forward to (the spring)," said Sasser. "You know, that's the time to showcase your skills, once again. They're giving us all of this time. I've had a year, or coming up on a year. So, I need to take advantage of that."

Sasser has played inside and outside during his short time at Missouri. He's not sure where he'll end up playing for Missouri. He talked about playing both inside and outside.

"As of right now, I'm at H," explained Sasser. "So, if anything comes up, it'll be during spring ball, most likely. I know the majority of (all of the receiver spots). A lot of (the balls) are going to the inside guys, so. But, they do (spread it around) a little bit. Outside is where I've always been, so that's just a very comfortable zone for me. But, being an inside guy, I like. I enjoy it."

Like many of his teammates, Bud Sasser is looking forward to the Insight Bowl, and his time in the Valley of the Sun.

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