Vincent's Plan Is To Play

Red-shirt freshman defensive tackle Lucas Vincent discusses his first year as a Tiger and his plan for 2011

Freshman DT Lucas Vincent 6'3" 285 arrived at Missouri in June, and went to work right away. During fall camp, Vincent demonstrated the strength and athleticism that had made him such a coveted recruit. But, he found out that there is much to learn about playing major college football, and that he needed to get stronger to be able to compete against the men across from him on the line at Missouri.

At the conclusion of fall camp, Vincent was listed fourth on the depth chart, and spent the season working on the scout team, and applying himself in the weight room.

During the early bowl practices, Vincent took advantage of the opportunity to play on the Missouri side of the football. He showed improved strength and explosiveness, and demonstrated improved techniques, in the 1-on-1s, as well as in the team periods.

The soft-spoken, former state heavy-weight wrestling champion took a few minutes to visit with, and he talked about the opportunity to play on the Missouri side of the football, and about his development during his first semester at Missouri.

"I like the fact that I can show that I can get in there, make a contribution on the defense," said Vincent. "And, just show that I can get in there and play, get up onto the first and second team defense."

Vincent is one of his own harshest critics. He didn't much like standing on the sidelines during the season. He talked about what he feels he needs to improve upon.

"I need to work on my hips," began Vincent. "My hips, and a little more on my hand moves. I've gotten a lot stronger. I feel that I can compete with the strongest offensive linemen."

Vincent isn't as concerned about gaining weight, as he is about just getting stronger, and improving his conditioning. His goal is to be more physically fit, and he is planning to do extra work in the weight room during the winter.

"I'm going to work out extra with Terrell Resonno," explained Vincent. "We've already got it planned. Were going to come down here, and work until we drop."

I asked Lucas Vincent what his plans are heading into spring ball, and for next year. His response was as direct as the path he often takes to the QB.

"My plan is to play," stated Vincent, matter of factly. "I'm not standing another year on the sideline. That was torture."

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