Michael Rose Opens Up Recruitment

Kansas City standout linebacker Michael Rose has opened his recruitment and is considering Missouri among others

Back in July of 2010, Kansas City Rockhurst LB Michael Rose 6'0"215 4.7 forty, made an early commitment to the University of Nebraska. While Rose still remains committed to the Cornhuskers, he has opened his recruitment to other schools for the foreseeable future to make sure he made the right choice, and to explore all of his options.

ShowMeMizzou.com spoke to Rose recently about his recruitment and the schools he will be considering besides Nebraska.

"I made my commitment really early",said Rose. "I am still solidly committed to Nebraska for the moment. However, I have opened my recruitment again and will be making some junior day visits and listening to what other schools have to offer."

"Since I made my commitment so early, I just want to make sure that I made the right choice or if I find another school is a better fit then I will do what is best for me and go there."

Something that changed at Nebraska that helped Michael decide that he should look at other schools is the departure of Nebraska linebacker coach Mike Ekeler to Indiana to become co-defensive coordinator.

"Coach Ek leaving was big. He was my biggest contact and reason I committed early. I have a great relationship with him. Him leaving for Indiana was tough. I will be going there for a junior day to check things out."

Rose was returning from his junior day visit to Iowa on Sunday when we spoke. Earlier in the day he texted me that the Hawkeyes had extended an offer to him. He seemed pleased with his decision to go to the junior day event.

"The drive up there wasn't bad. It was only like 4 hours. I went up their with my teammate Alex Bales, and some other Missouri kids like Durron Neal and Michael Scherer were there."

" I really liked the event. The best part was meeting and talking with the coaches. I was really impressed with Coach Ferentz and what he had to say."

"I got the chance to see their facilities. They said they are doing some upgrades. Their facilities aren't as good as Nebraska's, but I am not a big facilities guy anyway. That won't determine where I go to school."

The Iowa junior day visit was just the first in what seems to be a series of road trips the talented linebacker will be making.

Up next, Missouri.

"I am going to Missouri's junior day next Saturday the 22nd along with several of my teammates including Alex (Bales), Jordan Walker, Trey Randle and Zion Gonzalez. I am looking forward to that one."

I asked Michael for his thoughts on the Tigers program.

"I really like Mizzou  a lot.  I really like Coach Pinkel and Coach Steckel.  Coach Hill recruits my school. He is a fun,crazy guy.It's a good school and good football program. Missouri will be among the schools I look at and consider."

Following the Missouri visit will be a junior day visit to LSU in early February for Rose, followed by similar visits to Indiana, Oklahoma,and several other schools.

This summer he plans on attending some teams camps, including Missouri's one day in Kansas City.

As far as a timetable for when he will make his final decision on where he will go to school?

"I will make these visits and listen to what the other schools have to offer. Then I will evaluate things and pick the place that is the best fit for me. I really don't know when that will be. It may be Nebraska or it may be some other school. I just feel that I owe it to myself and them to make sure I pick the right place to spend the next 4-5 years of my life.I have been completely open with Nebraska about what I am doing, and they understand. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't going behind anyone's back with this."

Rose is one of the top defensive prospects in the state of Missouri's 2012 class as well as one of the top prospects overall.

ShowMeMizzou.com will continue to follow Michael Rose's recruitment.

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