White Makes Big Strides In Red-Shirt Season

Big freshman running back Greg White talks about his transition to college football, and what he hopes to bring to the team in the spring

In June, almost all of Missouri's 2010 incoming freshmen were enrolled at Missouri, and beginning to become integrated into the Missouri football program.  In August, TB Greg White 6'1" 215 and the rest of the freshmen, got their first real taste of major college football. 

It took White a little while to absorb everything he had to learn to be able to compete on the field for the Tigers.  In addition to learning the plays, and the terminology, and the calls (hand signals), White had to learn pass routes, and blitz pick-ups, as well as develop better pass-catching skills.

Fast forward to early December, when ShowMeMizzou.com got a look at White, who along with the other freshmen, who had spent the season on the scout team, was back on the practice field running Missouri's plays for the first time since fall camp.  White looked like a different guy.  He was confident, and relaxed, knowing that he is in his element, and some of his ability was beginning to surface.

For one thing, White was doing an excellent job of catching the football, which he hadn't displayed in fall camp, and he was displaying an overall skill set that has some observers projecting him into the mix at TB for Missouri in the spring.  White does offer size, and a more physical running style, that is a little different from the rest of Missouri's TBs.

After one of those early bowl practices, White took a few minutes to visit with ShowMeMizzou.com, and he talked about the opportunity at hand, and his first year development.
"It was good to get back in it,"  said a smiling Greg White.  "Because, during scout team, we've been running everybody else's plays.  So, it was good to get back in it, and get to run our own plays, the ones we'll be running next year."
White responded to my inquiry, by assessing his performance.
"I think I'm doing pretty good," replied White.  "I'm doing a lot better than I was during two-a-days."

White explained that he's much more comfortable with everything associated with the Missouri program than he was last summer.  He's clearly more confident, and plays with more of a purpose, compared with being somewhat tentative during fall camp.  White explained his increased confidence.

"For one, just getting used to everybody here,"  said White.  "And Gun Club.  That's what the red-shirts did during the season.  That helped.  I got a lot faster, and a lot stronger.  I just feel better about myself."

White talked about his goals heading into the off-season work outs, and spring ball.

"(I) just want to come out, and work hard every day,"  said White.  "Just get better every day, so that I can contribute in some way....................... I just want to break into the line-up somewhere."

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