Tiger Football 2010 Position Report Card

ShowMeMizzou.com hands out it's final grades by position on the 2010 Tiger football team in this position report card as we ready to move forward to spring ball 2011


With plenty of time passing to get a clearer picture on the overall 2010 season and reflect without the emotions of what might have happened at the end of the 2010 season, ShowMeMizzou.com will review the 2010 season overall as we move forward and prepare to look ahead with the coming of spring practice in March.

We begin with a positional report card graded by myself and Greg. That will be followed by position reviews as look back one last time before we look ahead.

QB-It might seem strange to not give a future top 10 overall NFL pick ,and the likely top QB taken overall at least an A or better. However, this is based on performance and not potential. Blaine Gabbert had a very good year and will be a highly drafted NFL quarterback. In his junior season he did a good job leading the team to 10 wins, and displayed improvement in his overall game, but still lacked in some areas that may have been the difference in the 3 Tigers losses during the 2010 season. James Franklin did a great job in his limited role and looks to have a promising future. Overall QB Position Grade JP- B+

QB - Blaine Gabbert parlayed a good, but not great, junior year into being projected by most as the top QB in this year's NFL Draft.  Way to go, Blaine!  The Iowa loss was on him, and he shared some in the misery at Texas Tech.  In limited action, James Franklin showed promise.  Overall QB Grade Greg -  B


TB- Given the fact that the Tigers lost their starting TB and a player who was going to be such a major part of the offense, the tailback position performed extremely well by committee and picked up the slack. Is Derrick Washington had not run into his trouble and left the program, I doubt the freshmen play. Not only did Josey exceed expectations, but Moore and Lawrence did a great job stepping into expanded roles and did well. Marcus Murphy also showed flashes in limited carries. The impact of the loss of Washington will never truly be known, but I feel as though the tailbacks performing as they did helped avert a  possible disaster to the season. Overall TB  Position Grade JP - A


TB - After Derrick Washington got busted, the Tigers regrouped, and burned a couple of very promising red-shirts.  In all honesty, Missouri appears to be loaded at this position.  With a collective per carry average of 5.8 yards/carry, this unit performed at a very high level.  Overall TB Grade Greg -  A-

OL-When the Tiger offensive line put their collective minds to it, they could dominate. The problem was that there were some letdowns and slow starts that were noticeable in games. To their credit, they had the ability for the most part to pull things together when needed. There run blocking became pretty impressive. Tim Barnes as the anchor of the line provided great leadership. Overall OL  Position Grade JP- A-

OL - At times, this group had their problems.  But they really only lost the line of scrimmage in one game.  And, they spent most of the season adjusting on the fly, including adapting to opening holes as a run-first offense down the stretch.  Lots of honors here, including one 1st-Team All-Conference, one 2nd-Team All-Conference, and two Honorable Mention All-Conference.  Overall OL Grade Greg -  B+

Receivers- The pleasant surprises of the season were TJ Moe and Michael Egnew. Both became great weapons for Blaine Gabbert to rely on, and both were almost automatic at times. The disappointments were the lack of consistency from the outside receivers, who struggled with drops and who disappeared at times in games. One plus for them was the blocking they provided in the run game. However, the overall threat that the spread offense is suppose to provide was not there as in years past. Overall Receiver Position Grade JP- C

Receivers - This is a tough one to grade.  The inside guys were fantastic!  An All-American, and a 2nd-Team All-Conference guy!  But, the outside guys were clearly a disappointment.  I put the loss at Texas Tech primarily on the TD passes that they dropped.  And, the back-ups saw very few balls.  Missouri's number five receiver caught just 7 passes on the season.  Overall Receiver Grade  Greg-  C+

DL-The defensive line deserves a tremendous amount of credit for the 2010 seasons overall success. It was the best group of Missouri defensive linemen in modern Missouri football history. Despite the loss of Dominique Hamilton, who showed how important he was by earning his "warrior points" in the middle, the remaining linemen showed their heart and versatility by being able to move inside at times and pick things up. Despite the injuries to Hamilton and Smith, the D-line showed the depth and talent to pick up the slack for the most part. Overall DL Position Grade JP- A

DL - Up until Dominique Hamilton went down, this group was developing into an outstanding unit.  Afterwards, they got overpowered a couple of times.  The opposite of the receivers, the outside guys here outperformed the inside guys.  But, this group was still the backbone of a very good defense.  One First-Team, two 2nd-Team, and one Honorable Mention, All-Conference guys.  Overall DL Grade Greg - B+

LB- I don't remember the Tigers having as athletic a pair of outside linebackers as Gooden and Gachkar. Gachkar played out of his head at times both on defense and on special teams. Despite the loss of Luke Lambert and Will Ebner playing injured for much of the time, the unit remained solid. Andrew Wilson stepped up and showed some great potential for the future.  While the position was hit hard by injuries from pre-season camp until the bowl game, they hung tough and did the job. Overall LB Position Grade JP-B+

LB - This group was nearly decimated by injuries.  First Bonner, then Lambert.  And, Ebner played hurt nearly all season.  But, Andrew Wilson stepped in, and the outside guys played great!  One First-Team, and one Honorable Mention, All-Conference.  This group was responsible for some of the big plays, but not for being injured.  Overall LB Grade Greg -  B+


CB- The cornerback unit made great strides in improving from the 2009 season. There was a lot of focus placed on getting better results from the position and the hard work paid off. The players responded well to playing a more physical, pressing style, and Carl Gettis had a very good turnaround from his previous two seasons. Kevin Rutland likely played himself into getting a shot at playing on Sundays, and a potential future star in EJ Gaines saw a lot of action and was impressive. Overall LB Position Grade JP- B

CB - This group really elevated their play from previous seasons, as did the entire defense.  They surrendered few big plays, and performed consistently well.  Their tackling was dramatically improved, as was the coverage.  Overall CB Grade  Greg-  B+

Safeties- Another position where you had players improve upon their previous seasons performance. Kenji Jackson upped his game to a new level as did  Jarrell Harrison. You even saw some depth developing. Overall Safety Position Grade JP- B

Safeties - The Missouri safeties developed into the strength of this defense, and the second team guys played well, too.  The guys who were there at the end were playing superbly.  Overall Safety Grade Greg -  A-

Punters/Kickers/Specialists- The Tiger staff continue to do a great job of finding walk-ons who they develop into top flight special teams player at punter, kicker and long snapper. That trend continued in 2010. Overall Specialist Position Grade  JP- A

Punters/Kickers/Specialists - Ressel, Grabner, et al, were just short of outstanding!  Very, very good, in every regard.  Overall Specialist Grade  Greg-  A- 

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