Wuebbels Shares Spring Practice Outlook

Missouri Tiger senior-to-be offensive guard Austin Wuebbels shares his thoughts on spring ball, the O-line, and his upcoming senior season in 2011

Following the first spring practice, senior starting right guard, Austin Wuebbels  6'4"  300  5.21  took time to visit with ShowMeMizzou.com, and he talked about spring ball, his play, his outlook for his senior season, and some of his line mates.

"I'm just excited to be out here (practicing),"  said Wuebbels.  "Finally getting to do what we're good at.  I thought the first day of practice went well.  Our fundamentals are getting better.  Our technique is getting better."

Wuebbels said that Missouri's guards will be in a three-point stance this year, and that he needs to work on that.  But overall, he's pretty pleased with how he played last year.

"I was alright with my performance last year,"  said Wuebbels.  "I can always improve.  I definitely got to work on my technique, and my pass sets, to just improve my overall game."

Wuebbels said that the change to a three-point stance is designed to help them keep their hips lower.  He talked about some of the competition on the offensive line.

"We're definitely building depth in the two-deep,"  explained Wuebbels, talking about how the offensive line is shaping up.  "We've got Justin Britt and Travis Ruth competing for a job.  They're both great athletes, good competitors."

"Our tackles, as well, are looking good,"  continued Wuebbels.  "Jack (Meiners) is stepping up for Elvis (Fisher), and we're not missing a beat."

"From last year until now, (Mitch Morse and Nick Demien) have definitely improved their technique,"  said Wuebbels, talking about the back-up guards.

Wuebbels talked about how the four seniors are keeping an eye on the competition for the starting center position.

"We're pushing both of them hard,"  said Wuebbels.  "They're both good players.  However it ends up, we're rooting for both of them.  We're like mentors to them.  We teach them the ins and outs of everything."

Wuebbels said that he has as a goal, for the Tigers' offensive line to be the best in the conference.  He also said that he doesn't know if they'll run the football more this year, but he said that he likes to run the ball more.

Wuebbels also said that he has NFL aspirations, when he's done at Missouri.

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