Mizzou Spring Practice Report: Day Two

The Missouri Tigers came out and had a high engery practice session on day two of the 2011 spring practice season, as more young players continue to stand out

The Missouri Tigers returned to the practice field inside the Devine Pavilion on Thursday afternoon, in helmets and shorts, for the 2nd of their 15 spring practices.

There were a couple of new injured players who had donned the red pull-over, and went through some of the drills, including Tony Randolph and Jaleel Clark.  Everyone who wore the red jersey on Tuesday also wore one today, and they all sat out all of the drills, except for freshman OL Mike Boddie, who was wearing a red pull-over, and who is participating on a limited basis.

The first half of practice was mostly individual drills, and some special teams' work.  Although Trey Barrow is not listed among the placekickers, he is kicking field goals, as well as punting.  E.J. Gaines joined Marcus Murphy in fielding punts.  Coach Pinkel talked about practice, and the competition for spots on the depth chart.

"It was a very high energy practice,"  said Coach Pinkel.  "I couldn't be happier with the effort, and the leadership.  To me, enthusiasm is like fuel.  It's fuel that makes you run faster, play quicker, and focus better.  I think we have good leadership........................... (As for evaluating the competition), It's all based on performance."

Coach Pinkel talked about how he and his staff try not to prejudice themselves regarding the competition for a position.  He emphasized that they want to just let the players decide the competition, based on how they perform.  He also emphasized that the players respect that.

During 1-on-1 pass rush drills, Jayson Palmgren took Terrell Resonno to the ground, for the win.  Brad Madison picked up a win over Jack Meiners with a double move to the inside.  Jacquies Smith got around Dan Hoch on the outside.  Justin Britt re-gripped, and got the win over Jimmy Burge.   Brayden Burnett blew right by Mark HillChris Freeman won a closely contested battle over Matt HochMarvin Foster bull-rushed his way past Travis RuthMichael Sam blew past Anthony Gatti on the outside.  Mitch Morse picked up a win over Brendan Donaldson.  Morse moved his feet well, and kept his position.  Dan Hoch picked up a win over Jacquies Smith.  Austin Wuebbels absolutely stone-walled Donaldson.   Lucas Vincent bull-rushed his way past Nick Demien.

During one segment, the QBs and the TBs were working on their pitches, and pitch relationship.  in another area of the field, defensive linemen were working on coming out of their stance, and staying low.  LBs were over in the corner, hitting the sled.
During the 1-on-1 receiving drill, James Franklin laid the ball out in front of Eric Waters, and let Waters run to it.  Waters had a step on Braylon Webb, and took it to the house.

During the 7-on-7 action, James Franklin hit Jaleel Clark out along the left seam.  Franklin hit Henry Josey in the left flat with a quick out.  Josey took it in stride, and turned it up field for a big gain.

Ashton Glaser connected with Waters out in the right flat, and Waters turned it up for a nice gain.  Glaser hit Wes Kemp on a drag route for a short gain.  Then, Glaser under threw Gahn McGaffie.
Tyler Gabbert found Jimmie Hunt on the left side for a completion.   Gabbert found Kemp sitting down over the middle for a nice gain.  Tyler placed a nice throw in between defenders, and connected with Brandon Gerau down along the right sideline.  That was a real nice throw.  Then, Gabbert checked down to Josey, out in the right flat.

During 11-on-11 action, James Franklin ran the first team offense against the first team defense.  Franklin led Jerrell Jackson up field, in between a pair of defenders, but Jackson turned around and stopped.  Not sure who did what, but they weren't on the same page.

Gabbert came in with the number two offense, working against the second team defense.  Murphy took a hand-off on the jet sweep, and skirted around the left side for a nice gain.

Glaser brought the third team offense out, going against the third team defense.  He dropped back to pass, then quickly pulled it down, and took off up inside for a nice gain.  Glaser came back and hit Steven Drain for a nice gain up near the right hash mark.

Glaser was in with the starting offense, going against the starting defense.  He found Jerrell Jackson out along the left side, in front of Kip Edwards.  Glaser came right back to Jackson out in the left flat, in front of Edwards again.  This time, Jackson spun around, and ran untouched, up along the left sideline for a nice gain, before he was run out of bounds.  Then, Kendial Lawrence took an inside hand-off and cut it up inside for a nice gain.

Franklin came in with the second team offense, and dropped one off to Murphy out along the left sideline for a short gain.
They were working on getting plays in quickly, and getting to the line of scrimmage quickly, and getting the play off within a certain time on the stopwatch.  It wasn't a hurry up, but the tempo was pretty quick.

Many of the same guys stood out to me today, including Bud Sasser and Jimmie Hunt, Darvin Ruise, Kony Ealy, and Marvin Foster, among others.

There's a lot of competition at every position.  At some spots, such as at the WR positions, there's almost too many guys to even begin to sort it out.  I don't see how you can keep Sasser and Hunt off of the field.

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