Saturday Spring Practice Report: Day 4

The Missouri Tigers put on the pads for the first time during their sprited Saturday spring practice session

On Saturday morning, the Missouri Tigers practiced in pads for the first time this spring, as they went at it for about two-and-a-half hours, inside the Devine Pavilion.

There are two changes to the injury report.  Near the end of practice, Wes Kemp "tweaked" his shoulder, and was held out of the 11-on-11 action.  Tony Randolph was a full participant today, after having been limited previously.

Jaleel Clark began practice as a full participant, but donned a red jersey prior to the 11-on-11s.  Dominique Hamilton wore the red jersey, and sat out most drills, but he was right there with the defensive linemen, and appeared to be itching to get in there.  He got in line for a couple of drills, and he and Marcus Malbrough went through some of the individual non-contact drills.  Hamilton tried to get in line for a tackling drill, but got tossed out of the drill.  Hamilton showed great leadership, after he was denied a turn in the tackling drill, as he took freshman Gerrand Johnson to the side, and showed him several techniques, how to get off of blocks, and the correct way to tackle.  Some real good 1-on-1 instruction, from the senior to the freshman.

"Overall, for the first day of pads, I thought it was a real high-energy practice,"  said Coach Pinkel.  "Obviously, there's a lot of mistakes out there, but that's about learning."

There were quite a few visitors at today's practice, including Corbin Berkstresser, Blaine Gabbert, Jeremy Maclin, Kevin Rutland, Josh Tatum, Justin Garrett, and Tru Vaughns.

During the warm-up portion of the punting practice, Brad Madison, Michael Brennan, and Matt Hoch were doing the long-snapping, and T.J. Moe, Marcus Murphy, Kip Edwards, E.J. Gaines, Xavier Smith, and Jimmie Hunt, were catching the punts.  During the live punt practice, the punt returners were Moe, McGaffie, and Murphy.

The offense spent a couple of periods working on running the football.  During one segment, the TEs were lined up tight, with their hand on the ground.  There was one Ashton Glaser hand-off to Henry Josey, that looked different than what I've seen in recent years from Missouri, more of a direct hand-off, on a straight ahead running play, that netted positive yardage, with Josey taking it up inside.

In the 1-on-1 pass receiving drills, E.J. Gaines made a real nice play, in breaking up a pass intended for Greg White, out along the right sideline.

During the 1-on-1 pass-rush drill, Jacquies Smith ripped his way past Dan HochJimmy Burge beat Austin WuebbelsTravis Ruth picked up a win over Marvin FosterBrendan Donaldson bull-rushed his way past Jayson Palmgren.  Brad Madison bull-rushed Jack Meiners, and pushed him all of the way into the QB.  Wuebbels took Burge to the ground, and picked up the win. 

Foster picked up the win over Ruth.  Palmgren held Donaldson at bay, for the win.  Madison started to the outside, then ripped back inside of Meiners, to register a win.  Lucas Vincent powered his way past Nick Demien.  Foster slipped inside of Justin Britt, for a win.  Palmgren stone-walled Donaldson.  Michael Sam used an outside speed rush to register a win over Anthony GattiMark Hill won a closely contested battle over Brayden Burnett.  Demien picked up a win over Lucas Vincent, in another close one.  Gatti stopped Michael Sam for a win.  Sam congratulated Gatti, with a
pat on the helmet.

Mitch Morse stopped Donaldson.  Gerrand Johnson powered his way past Max Copeland.  Matt Hoch blew by Chris Freeman.  Max Copeland picked up a win over Lucas Vincent, then let out a loud yell, in celebration of his victory.  Stephen Carberry held his ground against Kony Ealy's bull-rush, and picked up a win, and congratulations from all around.  Meiners came back with a nice win over Madison, resetting his hands after initial contact.  The highlight of this segment was a win that Britt earned over Vincent.  Vincent knocked Britt off of his feet, and was staggered slightly himself, by the initial contact.  Before Vincent could recover and get to the QB, Britt scrambled back to his feet, and met Vincent just short of the QB, knocking him off balance, and keeping him away from the QB. 

During 7-on-7 action, James Franklin found T.J. Moe out along the left side, in front of Tavon Bolden.  Franklin hit Jerrell Jackson with a deep throw down the right hash, for a score.  Franklin hit Gahn McGaffie on a crossing route, in front of Zaviar Gooden, for a nice gain.  Franklin completed a pass to Andrew Jones out along the left sideline, then came back to Jones, who was sitting down over the middle.  Franklin surveyed the field, then pulled it down, and took off around the left side for a first down.

Ashton Glaser found Andrew Jones out along the right sideline, in front of Daniel Easterly.  Glaser found Brandon Gerau on a crossing route, in front of Kenronte Walker.  Glaser hit McGaffie on a quick slant, with Darvin Ruise in close coverage.  Ruise made the stop immediately, for just a short gain.  Glaser overthrew Eric Waters down along the right sideline.  Gooden cut in front of Jerrell Jackson, out on the right sideline, to break up a pass attempt from Glaser.  Glaser missed connection with Michael Egnew.  Easterly intercepted a deep ball that Glaser had thrown down along the right hash marks.

Tyler Gabbert completed a slant to L'Damian Washington.  Gabbert scrambled out to his right, then threw the ball away.  Gabbert hit McGaffie out in the left seam for a nice gain.  Washington went down in between defenders, including Daniel Easterly, to snag a ball that was slightly under thrown by Gabbert.  Gabbert found Washington out along the right sideline, just in front of Easterly, who immediately made the stop.  Gabbert overthrew his receiver in the end zone. 

During the Tiger Drill, Kendial Lawrence slipped past Trey Hobson.  Henry Josey juked, then sped past, Kenronte Walker.  Matt White wrapped up Marcus Murphy.  Rolandis Woodland got past Robert Steeples.  Jared Culver overpowered Braylon Webb.  Webb came in a little too high.  Xavier Smith went in low on L'Damian Washington, but Washington managed to fall forward across the line.  Following a loud collision, Jimmie Hunt fought his way through Kyle Peasel's grasp.  Randy Ponder wrapped up on Bud Sasser.

During 11-on-11 action, Ashton Glaser handed the ball of to Jared Culver, who took it around the right side for little or no gain.  Glaser pitched it to Greg White, who took it around the left side.  Tony Randolph came up, and stopped White for a short gain.  Glaser scrambled out to his right, and unloaded the ball out of bounds.  Glaser hit Egnew out along the right side.  Egnew tried to run over Hobson.  Hobson slowed him down until help arrived.  Matt White broke up a pass attempt down the middle that was intended for Moe.  Glaser found Josey on a slip screen that went for no gain.  Burnett and Ruise were right there.  Glaser faked a hand-off, then ran the ball up inside for a nice gain.  Glaser missed Washington out along the right sideline.  Steeples was in close coverage.

James Franklin came in with the second unit, and picked up a bad snap from Britt, and ran it up inside for what he could get.  Josey took an inside hand-off up inside for a short gain.  Franklin handled another poor snap, then rolled right, and hit Bud Sasser right in the hands.  Uncharacteristically, Sasser failed to make the catch.  Franklin faked a hand-off, then took it up inside for a first down.  Franklin lofted a pass to Hunt that was over his head, leading him away from the defense.  It looked like it would be over Hunt's head, but Hunt quickly caught up to the ball, and reached high with one hand to make the catch.  Then, he out ran the defense up the sideline for a nice gain.  A highlight reel play!  Franklin found Lawrence out in the left flat for a nice gain.  Franklin was hit, just as he threw the football.  The ball floated right to Tavon Bolden, but he couldn't hold on to it.  Kenji Jackson stepped in front of Egnew to break up
Franklin's pass attempt.

Tyler Gabbert was looking away at the snap of the ball.  De'Vion Moore alertly caught the snap, and ran it up inside for a modest gain.  Gabbert's pass down the middle of the field fell incomplete.  Gabbert's pitch to Murphy was high, and behind him, but Murphy snagged it, made the first guy miss, and turn it up field for a big gain.

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