Tuesday Practice Report: Depth Chart Changes

The Missouri Tigers were back at practice on Tuesday with some changes on the depth chart on both sides of the ball based on performances from their Saturday scrimmage

On Tuesday afternoon, the Missouri Tigers returned to the practice field inside the Devine Pavilion in full pads, and went through a spirited practice for over two hours.

"I thought it was a real good practice,"  said Coach Pinkel, talking about Tuesday's practice.  "We always talk to our players about how coming out and practicing the right way will make you a better football player."

There were several changes in the depth chart, following Saturday's scrimmage.  Most notably, Tyler Gabbert has moved ahead of Ashton Glaser, and has joined James Franklin as a co-starter at the QB position.  ShowMeMizzou.com spoke with both Franklin and Gabbert, following practice, to get some of their thoughts on their co-starter status.

"After the meeting (in which we were informed of the change in the depth chart), I said, "Congratulations, we're tied,""  said Franklin, smiling.  "I just shook his hand, and said, "Good job!""
"As a quarterback, you have to be confident, and be a leader,"  said Gabbert, with a little more serious tone.  "I think that's part of playing the position."

"That's (one) scrimmage,"  explained Coach Pinkel, talking about the competition at the QB position.  "We look at all the practices, and the scrimmages.  I think there's a lot of competition.  That's good.  It's going to be very competitive.  Somebody's going to have to pull away.  There's a long way to go here.  A lot of things are going to happen."

Other changes in the depth chart included the promotion of Marvin Foster to the number one defense, lining up at the nose, next to Terrell ResonnoLucas Vincent moved up to the second unit, behind Resonno.  Kony Ealy moved up to number two, behind Jacquies Smith, and it appears that Brayden Burnett and Michael Sam were both working on the second unit, at the other defensive end position.

On the offensive side of the football, in addition to the changes at QB, L'Damian Washington moved ahead of Rolandis Woodland onto the second unit at the X WR spot.  Chris Freeman moved up to second-team right tackle, and Mark Hill moved to the second-team right guard.  Mitch Morse and Justin Britt switched places, with Mitch Morse doing the snapping, a job he handled fairly well today.

There were also several changes in the injury report, with more expected by the time the Tigers return to practice following spring break.  All three LBs, Luke Lambert, Will Ebner, and Donovan Bonner, wore red jerseys, and sat out all drills, and did Elvis Fisher, Derrion Thomas, Kyle Peasel, and Kerwin Stricker.  Having graduated to red pull-overs, and participating in non-contact drills were all three defensive linemen, Dominique Hamilton, Marcus Malbrough, and Corey Sudhoff, as well as Tavon Bolden, Tristen Holt, and Beau Brinkley, who did some of the long-snapping today.

During the 7-on-7s, James Franklin hit T.J. Moe out along the right side for a first down.  Franklin hit Jerrell Jackson on a quick out, in front of Kip Edwards, for a nice gain.  Franklin hit Rolandis Woodland on a slant.  Jimmie Hunt hauled in a pass from Franklin out in the left seam, and turned it up for a big gain.

Darvin Ruise stepped in front of a Tyler Gabbert pass, out along the right sideline, and should have had the pick six, but he dropped the football.  Gabbert found Michael Egnew on a crossing route for a nice gain.  Gabbert threw the ball high and behind T.J. Moe, as he came across the middle.  Robert Steeples was in on the coverage.  Gabbert went down the middle, but the ball fell incomplete.  Moe and Egnew were both in the area, as was Zaviar Gooden and Matt White.

Ashton Glaser hit Eric Waters with a quick out, in front of Jared Parham, out along the left side.  Glaser threw one down the middle that was wide.  Bud Sasser dove for the ball, and got his hands on it, but wasn't able to come up with the catch.  Glaser hit Rolandis Woodland out along the left sideline, in front of Xavier Smith.  Tristen Holt recovered, and broke up a Glaser pass attempt, intended for L'Damian Washington.

Ryan Howerton found Jimmie Hunt dragging across the middle for a nice gain.

During the 1-on-1 pass-rush drill, Dan Hoch stone-walled Jacquies Smith.  Jimmy Burge powered his way past Austin Wuebbels for a win.  Travis Ruth stopped Lucas Vincent.  Brad Madison broke out an All-Conference double spin move that left Jack Meiners spinning.  Wuebbels picked up a win over Burge.  Vincent mauled Ruth, and threw him aside, for a win.  Jayson Palmgren stone-walled Marvin Foster.  Madison use a speed rush to run around Meiners.  Kony Ealy used an outside-inside move to run by Chris Freeman.  Vincent over-powered Mark Hill.  Brendan Donaldson powered his way past Mitch Morse.  Freeman re-gripped, and moved his feet, picking up a win over Ealy.  Ealy pushed him back into the QB, but he never got past the big man.  Brayden Burnett ripped his way past Anthony Gatti.  Vincent powered his way past Wuebbels.  Palmgren stopped Foster.

Xavier Smith and Wesley Leftwich were both returning kicks.

During the Tiger Drill, E.J. Gaines took down Jerrell Jackson.  Wesley Leftwich ran through Kenji Jackson's attempted tackle.  That's impressive! Kendial Lawrence ran over Xavier Smith.  Marcus Murphy ran through an attempted tackle by Robert Steeples.  Kenronte Walker got the jump on Jared Culver, and took him down before he could get started.  Gahn McGaffie spun away from Daniel Easterly's attempted tackle.

During 11-on-11 action, Franklin hit Sasser on a slant.  Sasser turned it up field for a big gain.  Franklin found Woodland on a post route in the end zone.  Woodland dropped the sure touchdown.  Franklin made a real nice pitch to Jared Culver, who took it around the right side, and got the front corner of the end zone.  Later, Franklin found De'Vion Moore with a swing pass out in the flat.  Then, Moore took an inside hand-off around the right side for a nice gain.  Franklin hit Egnew running down the middle for a big gain.

Brad Madison dropped back into zone coverage, and picked off a Gabbert pass that was intended for Egnew.  Later, Gabbert's pass attempt intended for Andrew Jones, was broken up by Kenronte Walker.  On Gabbert's next series, he was touched down in the backfield, by Lucas Vincent and others.

Glaser missed connection with Jaleel Clark, out along the left side.  Clark slipped and fell.  Woodland hauled in a pass from Glaser on a post, and ran past everyone, stiff-arming the last man.  Later, Glaser was taken down behind the line of scrimmage by Matt Hoch and others.

Madison jumped up, and picked off a pass from Franklin, out in the flat.  Madison broke through, and got in Franklin's face, forcing Franklin to overthrow Egnew, who was pretty closely covered by Kenji Jackson.

Brad Madison played at a very high level today, maybe the best I've ever seen from him.  He looked like a First-Team All-Conference player today. 

Lucas Vincent had a real good day today.  Woodland was up and down.  He had a drop or two.  But, he ran with ferocity when he had the ball in his hands.

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