"We're Gonna Win,We're Gonna Win Big"

New Missouri Tiger men's head basktball coach Frank Haith addressed the media and shared his thoughts on his new job, recruiting and how he'll run his team

The University of Missouri introduced it's new men's head basketball coach, Frank Haith, at a press conference this morning.

Haith, 46, becomes the Missouri Tigers 17th head basketball coach, and was accompanied by his wife Pam and two children—Corey, who will be a senior in high school next year and plays basketball--and Brianna.

Haith was introduced by Missouri AD Mike Alden and expressed his happiness with his new job.

"This is truly an honor", said Haith, "I feel like the luckiest man in the world. I feel the passion here."

Haith said that he shared the same values and shared the same vision as Alden and the University of Missouri, which help lead him to taking the job.

"I'm about family. I talk about family a lot. I'm a relationship guy. I told that to the players when we met. I told them that I was not gonna be Mike Anderson. I'm gonna be Frank Haith and we were gonna do things the right way. We're gonna win and we're gonna win big."

He also paid tribute to former Tiger coach Norm Stewart.

"Coach Stewart's teams always displayed great toughness and he had a lot of success here. It' an honor for me the same sideline as Norm Stewart, to walk the sideline of Norn Stewart court, and be at a place were Norm Stewart coached."

Coach Haith addressed some of the negativity surrounding his hire after word got out that he would be the new Tiger basketball coach.

"I don't look at the negativity. I wanna win. I want that passion. I wanna use that to help me win. I wanna cut down nets. We're gonna do that here."

Regarding his commitment to academics.

"My first statement to a family and player when I go into the home of a recruit is, you don't go to school to play basketball, you go to school and play basketball."

About his style of play.

"When I am asked that I say my style is winning style.Rick Barnes taught me how to adapt based on your personnel. My offensive philosophy is that I want ball movement, the ball moved side to side, share the ball and get the best shot.Defensively, I want solid defense. Only give up contested shot. I run zone, man-to man,three quarter, I like to mix things up and have the ability to changes defenses. That is what we'll do. We'll play up tempo and I want easy buckets,but I want stops first. You establish first a defensive mindset."

Haith on recruiting.

"Recruiting is the bloodline of any program. Our foundation must start here in the great state of Missouri. I don't call it recruiting. I call it building relationships. I still work as hard as a head coach with recruiting as I did as an assistant.We have to get it going right away. I think we will have great success because we have a lot to sell here at Missouri."

He addressed a question if he had recruited in St. Louis or the region before.

"I have done a lot of recruiting in St. Louis. I got a call form Chris Carrawell--who I recruited-- after I got the job congratulating me. I reminded Chris that he did not come with me."

His basketball staff is not set and is something that he is still working on.

"The coaching staff is not set. I am still trying to figure it all out regarding guys from Miami that will come here and some of the folks we are going to talk to about joining us."

Coach Haith said that he envisioned being at Missouri a long time.

"I'm here for the long haul.This is my home. I plan on being here as long as the University wants me here.We're gonna win games and we're gonna recruit good players."

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