Tigers Resume Spring Practice

The Missouri Tigers resumed spring ball on Tuesday afternoon, with a two-hour workout in full pads on Faurot Field

The Missouri Tigers resumed spring ball on Tuesday afternoon, with a two-hour workout in full pads on Faurot Field.  There were some changes of note in the depth chart, including the ascension to the number one spot at QB by Tyler Gabbert, and the move of Kendial Lawrence to the top spot at TB.  Another change of note was the re-introduction of a number of previously injured players, including Dominique Hamilton and Marcus Malbrough, among others.

Afterwards, Coach Pinkel talked about the competition at this juncture of spring ball.

"We had a good practice today,"  said coach Pinkel.  "We're getting to the point right now, where we're looking at players, and examining their intensity, and their physicalness, and their competitiveness.  Are they doing it every single play out on the practice field?  We've got a long way to go there, I think, with our football team.  This is a good time to talk about it with our players.  We talk about it every day, but really tomorrow, we'll tell every player exactly where they stand, as we do around here, to get the guys that need to crank it up, cranked up a little bit."

Elvis Fisher, Rolandis Woodland, Kyle Peasel, Derrion Thomas, Will Ebner, and Xavier Smith each wore the red jersey of the non-participant, while Luke Lambert and Donovan Bonner each wore a red pull-over, and went through most drills.  Coach Pinkel talked about the competition at the QB position.

"They're just competing,"  said Coach Pinkel.  "I don't think there's any clear separation yet.  I think it's healthy.  We're waiting for someone to grab the spot.  That's the beauty of competing.  We're fortunate to have some guys that are, I think, potentially very good players, and competing."

During some 9-on-9 action, Andrew Wilson came up into the hole, and knocked De'Vion Moore backwards.  A little later, Henry Josey showed some moves, and picked his way through traffic, for a big gain.

During 1-on-1 pass-rush drills, Jayson Palmgren picked up a win over Marvin FosterBrad Madison blew past Jack MeinersAnthony Gatti did a nice job in picking up a win over Brayden BurnettKony Ealy beat Michael Boddie to the outside.  Brendan Donaldson bull-rushed his way past Nick Demien.

During 7-on-7s, Tyler Gabbert completed a pass out along the right sideline, for about 5 yards to Wes Kemp, in front of E.J. Gaines.  Gabbert found Michael Egnew for about 5 yards, sitting down over the middle, in between Andrew Wilson and Zaviar Gooden.  Gabbert found Eric Drain for a short gain, in front of Gaines, over on the left side.  Gabbert's pass over the middle to Sasser was low and a little behind him.  Kenronte Walker arrived with the ball, and knocked it loose before Sasser could put it away.

Eric Waters hauled in a Gabbert pass, out in the right flat, in front of Walker.  Gabbert got the ball out quickly out along the left sideline, to Andrew Jones, in front of Michael Brennan, who quickly made the stop.  Gabbert hit T.J. Moe in the left slot, and Moe turned it up for a nice gain.  Gabbert hit Wes Kemp right in the hands on a comeback along the left sideline, in front of Hobson, but Kemp dropped the ball.  Gabbert hit L'Damian Washingtonon a crossing route for a first down.  Kip Edwards made the stop.

James Franklin lofted a nice completion down the sideline to Brandon GerauTrey Hobson had the coverage, but Gerau got in behind him before Braylon Webb could get over there.  Franklin found Bud Sasser on a slant for a nice gain.  Franklin's pass intended for Andrew Jones in the right seam was a little high.  It was a catch-able ball, but Jones failed to make the catch. 

Franklin's pass attempt out along the right side to Sasser was a little low, and fell incomplete.  Jerrell Jackson tipped Franklin's pass in the air, and Kenji Jackson came up with the interception.  That ball should have been caught!  Franklin came back and found Gahn McGaffie out along the right side.  McGaffie turned it up inside for a first down.  Franklin's pass attempt, intended for Greg White, out along the left sideline, was broken up by Hobson and Bonner.  Franklin found Wes Leftwich, in front of Tony Randolph, out along the left sideline, for a nice gain.

Ashton Glaser found Jimmie Hunt in the slot for a nice gain.  Webb intercepted Glaser's pass.  Glaser came back and found McGaffie on a check down, out in the left flat.  Webb was right there to make the tackle.

During 11-on-11 action, Gabbert pulled down a high snap and took off around the left side, and picked up yardage to near the first down.  Gabbert overthrew McGaffie down the right sideline.  Darvin Ruise and Webb were in close coverage.  Greg White took an inside hand-off around the left side for a nice gain. 

During a red zone segment, Kemp took a slip screen pass from Gabbert, and followed his blocking into the end zone.  Gabbert was chased out of the pocket by Brad Madison, and threw the ball away.  Gabbert's slant pass, intended for Jerrell Jackson, was broken up by Hobson.

Franklin's pass out along the right side, intended for Marcus Lucas, was intercepted by Ponder.  Franklin was under a rush, and found McGaffie on a slant.  McGaffie made a fingertip grab, and turned it up for a real nice gain.  Franklin found Egnew for 6 yards out along the right sideline.  Gooden was right there to knock him out of bounds.  Franklin hauled in a high snap, then handed it off to Josey, who took it over the left side, made some people miss, and raced up the left sideline for a big gain.  Franklin went under center, and then faked a hand-off to Lawrence, before dropping back to pass.  He hit L'Damian Washington with a beautifully thrown ball on a post route for a TD.  Washington beat Gaines for the score. 

During a red zone segment of 11-on-11 action, Franklin converted several opportunities.  Franklin found Hunt with a quick hitter out in the right seam.  Hunt turned it up and was run out of bounds at the pylon.  Franklin came back, and scrambled up inside on third down, and made it into the end zone.  On another third down situation, Franklin got it out quickly to Jones, out along the right sideline.  Jones ran over Tristen Holt at the goal line.  Franklin faked a hand-off to White, and took it over left tackle, and into the end zone.

Glaser hit Jimmie Hunt with a screen pass out in the left flat.  Hunt took it up the left sideline for a 55-yard TD.  Glaser found Kerwin Stricker with a quick-hitter out along the right side, for a 6-yard gain.  Randy Ponder was there to make the stop.  Glaser scrambled to his right, and found Hunt along the right sideline, for a nice gain.  Kony Ealy and Matt Hoch both were in the backfield, and forced Glaser to unload the ball quickly.  Glaser kept it, and ran around the right side for a short gain.  Greg White took a Glaser hand-off, and took it around the right side for a nice gain.  Glaser hit Eric Waters in stride over the middle.  Waters split a pair of defenders, and took it to the house.

During Glaser's red zone opportunities, he committed multiple turnovers, including an interception by Brennan on a short pass over the middle.  Glaser put the ball up for grabs in the end zone, on a pass attempt intended for Marcus Lucas.  Robert Steeples came up with the interception, taking it away from Kenronte Walker  It was a rough day for Glaser, who appears to have fallen behind the top two QBs in this competition.

Perhaps the most significant depth chart move was Bud Sasser's move out to the Z-WR spot, where he's running either second or third, behind Wes kemp.. That also allowed Jimmie Hunt to move up to number three at the H WR spot, and he took full advantage on Tuesday of the opportunity to work with the second and third units.

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