Lawrence Moves To The Head Of The Pack

Tiger running back Kendial Lawrence has been rewarded with a strong spring performance by moving to the top of the depth chart at the highly competitive running back position

Competition has been the recurring theme this spring for the Missouri Tigers, and no position on the team is more competitive than at the TB position, where junior Kendial Lawrence 5'9" 190 has moved to the top of the depth chart. spoke with Lawrence not long after his promotion, and he talked about his efforts this spring.

"I moved up after the last scrimmage," said Lawrence. "I'd like to look at it to be a permanent thing, but you just got to go out there and keep working every day, to get better as a team. The offensive line is blocking real well. They're making it easy for us, making us look good. They open holes up, and I just use my speed to get there, and get as much as I can."

"I'm just giving it my all for our team," explained Lawrence. "Going hard every day. Just trying to help my team get better every day."

Lawrence appears to have matured, and is focusing on the day to day things. Earlier in his Missouri career, I think he felt that things were not happening for him quickly enough. Now, he seems more committed to doing whatever he can to help his team, and more focused on the day-to-day process of getting better. I asked him about his increased maturity.

"I'm just working hard," explained Lawrence. "Just doing the little extra things. Just going all out for the team. Just putting it on the line. It just comes to a point in your college career, or just in life, where you just have to go up an extra notch......................... Either you get there, or someone else is going to get there."

Lawrence is a versatile back, who can run inside, and outside, and has become a very good receiver. He has great cut back ability.

I asked Lawrence if the Tigers are going to run the ball more this year.

"I don't know, to be honest," replied Lawrence, breaking into a big grin. "That's Coach's call."

Then, with a laugh, he said, "It'd be alright with me."

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