McGaffie Makes The Most Of Spring Opportunity

Missouri Wide Receiver Gahm McGaffie was named the most improved receiver of the spring and talks about his game and plans for the coming season

p>Among the more than a dozen players competing for playing time at the WR position for Missouri is the 5'11 185 junior, Gahn McGaffie, who is best known to Missouri fans for returning the opening kick-off for a TD against Oklahoma. 

Prior to that game, McGaffie had quietly worked his way up to being number two on the depth chart at the H WR position.  McGaffie has continued to get better, as a WR, and is still listed second at the H WR spot, behind T.J. Moe.  He took a few minutes after a recent spring practice to visit with, and he talked about his role on the team.

"It's kind of in a different light now, being one of the older players,"  began McGaffie.  "Just knowing the system, and everything that I have to do now.  When I was a freshman, from not knowing anything, to coming in now, and getting everything.  It's a real good experience now."

McGaffie talked about the impact on him of his having returned that kick-off against Oklahoma.

"In my eyes, it really didn't change anything,"  explained McGaffie.  "Because that was just one touchdown to help the team come out with a victory.  Everybody has their view of what I did, but in my eyes, it's just another touchdown to help the team."
I asked McGaffie to assess his place on the depth chart.

"I really don't give that a lot of thought,"  replied McGaffie.  "I just take one day at a time, and try to attack every practice like it's my last.  I really don't look at who's number one, who's number two?  I'm just trying to attack every practice, and get better every day........................ When I was a freshman, I started of at the H.  Then, they moved all of us around, to see where we would fit.  Then, I got hurt, and moved to the Z.  Then I moved back to the H this last season.  I feel that the H is my more comfortable position."

McGaffie reports a personal best of 4.54 in the forty, and a 32" vertical jump.  He has become one of the most consistent receivers on the team as far as catching the football.  There was a lot of work that went into that.

"Just working on the hands every day in the off-season,"  explained McGaffie.  "Always getting a certain amount of catches in every day.  Working with the JUGS (machine), working with the eye-coordination ball, the reaction ball, and everything.......................... I just try to work on it all of the time.  I try to work on my hands very day.  At least try to get 25 (catches) after practice."
McGaffie talked about what he needs to improve upon as a receiver.

"What I want to get better at is my route-running, being more crisp with my routes, and lining up fast,"  said McGaffie.  "I'm doing pretty good at that now, but I can always do better."
McGaffie also has his eye on the punt return duties.
"I told Coach Odom that I wanted that job, and it's my job,"  stated McGaffie, of his intent to earn the job of returning punts.  "So, I'm going out there to try to do everything that I can to get that job................................ There's an opportunity, and I'm just going to try to do my best."

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