Recruiting About To Pick Up For Green-Beckham

The top football prospect in Missouri's 2012 class, and possibly the country, is getting ready to turn his attention towards recruiting as the summer nears. has the latest.

When talking to most high school receivers about the prospect of playing in the Missouri Tigers' spread offense, you can see that they get pretty excited, and that they are aware of the success of former All-American receivers at Missouri, such as Jeremy Maclin and Danario Alexander.

Missouri Head Coach, Gary Pinkel, and especially, Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach, David Yost, have beaten a path to the door of a 2012 in-state receiver, whom they believe could follow in the footsteps of those former Missouri greats. From Hillcrest High School, in Springfield, Missouri, is WR prospect Dorial Green-Beckham 6'6" 220 4.4, who is rated by as the number one WR in the country, and the nation's number two player overall.

Green-Beckham is a phenomenal multi-sport athlete, who holds state titles in track (2010 in 100m & triple jump) and basketball (2010). He also pretty much owns the Missouri state record book for receiving on the gridiron.

As a sophomore in 2009-2010, Green-Beckham caught 63 balls for 1,616 yards and 23 touchdowns. Double and triple teamed on every play, as a junior in 2010-11, he still managed to catch 78 balls for 1,706 yards and 15 scores.

After combining his numbers from the past two seasons with the more than 800 yards receiving he recorded as a freshman, Green-Beckham enters his senior season as the career state record-holder in three receiving categories, with 170 career catches, for 4,154 yards, and 51 touchdowns.

As one might expect, Green-Beckham holds scholarship offers from nearly every major football school in the country.

"You can't complain about it," explained Dorial's father, John Beckham, when he took time earlier this week to speak with about his son's recruitment. "It's a great thing. All of these colleges want him to play football, and go to school for free. You hate to complain about it. But, it has gotten to be a little overwhelming. It's been a busy few weeks."

With the overwhelming number of offers in play, the time is approaching for Green-Beckham to begin to narrow down his list of suitors to a manageable "handful of schools".

"We've been talking about it," said Beckham. "In the last few days or so, we've been sitting down, and talking about different schools, which ones does he feel very confident that are schools that he's going to look at all of the way through. We've been just kind of slowly going at it, but we're kind of getting there a little bit."

"Once (Dorial) comes to a decision, and he feels very comfortable and confident with his decision," continued Beckham, delineating a time-table for Green-Beckham's decision. "And, this is where he wants to go. Once I feel confident that he's 100% confident, because I don't want it to be a situation where he commits just to kind of get it over with, and it not be the school that he really wants to go to. It's a tough decision! There's a lot of great schools recruiting him!"

"I just want to make sure that he makes a good decision," explained Beckham, who went on to say that Green-Beckham's recruitment may continue on into the football season.

"When he comes to the conclusion of where he wants to go to school, that he can sit there and tell us this is why I've chosen this school, and his mother and I can feel confident and comfortable with his decision, then I've got no problem with that," said Beckham. "I just want to make sure that he makes the right choice. I just want to give him every opportunity to make a good decision."

Beckham said that narrowing the field may make the recruitment more manageable, and less of a distraction. Beckham indicated that he has "a general idea" of which schools may be on that narrowed list, but he declined to name a narrowed list of schools.

Green-Beckham has tried to run track this spring, despite a nagging hamstring injury, but has been forced to shut it down, and won't be participating in this week's state track meet. He's disappointed, but time away from the track means that Dorial will be able to visit Missouri "soon", according to Beckham, and he's also planning to take some other visits "this summer".

Green-Beckham has already visited Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

Beckham said that some schools have already been eliminated. It's apparent that the Green-Beckham's are in the process of eliminating more schools, and developing a narrowed list. It's their goal to have completed the narrowing process before the football season begins. I expect that they will have narrowed their list by mid-summer, or even sooner. I expect that Missouri will be on that narrowed list.

"It's a really important decision for Dorial," explained Beckham. "As a parent, I want him to make the decision himself. He needs to go through the process of making the decision........................... I'm not going to make the decision for him."

Beckham said that everywhere that Dorial goes, that he is besieged by autograph seekers, and by fans who tell him where he should go to school.

"I want to try to keep this, on Dorial's part, just kind of as quiet as we possibly can," explained Beckham. "And, let him make a decision. It's already difficult, without all of that added pressure. We're just trying to do the best that we can for Dorial." will continue to follow Dorial Green-Beckham's recruitment.

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