Camp Quick Hitter: Monday Practice

The Missouri Tigers football squad hit the field for their first practice in full pads this morning and has a quick view of some things that stood out.

The Tigers came out this morning for the first time in full pads and did some popping on the day during a full practice.

Gahn McGaffie wore red and only jogged on the sidelines and did some holding.

Some others wore red pullovers but did all the drills except contact.

OT Chris Freeman limped off the field halfway through practice and did not return. Looked like some sort of leg injury.

QB James Franklin had a so-so day during practice. He had his arm hit by Brad Madison and it seemed to affect his throwing as the trainer worked on his fingers from the looks of things.

James also showed some hesitation in his running on the day looking for holes rather then his normal taking off and running the way he usually does.

Corbin Berkstresser had his best showing early in camp. While Corbin still shows the usual freshman tendencies of making a spectacular play and then making a play that makes you scratch you head, he was mostly on today and did a lot of good things. He probably made the best impression of all the quarterbacks.

Wesley Leftwich is another freshman who continues to shine. He continues to show the ability to get behind the defense and get open. He had a long TD catch today and made it on a ball underthrown by Glaser, but he was so far behind the defense that he had time to come back and wait on the grab.

It is easy to imagine Berkstresser's strong arm hooking up with Leftwich sometime in the future for Tiger fans enjoyment.

Jerrell Jackson continues to have a strong early spring and looks very good.

Jimmie Hunt is another receiver who had a good day. He seems more mature and has added better technique to his natural ability which is adding up to him standing out. He seems to always be open and catching everything. He also seems faster in how he does things. Corbin and him seem on the same page as Berkstresser seems to find him a lot.

Henry Josey shined among the running backs today. He seems to be stepping up his performance after having a so-so spring. It would be nice to get him and his big play ability going full speed heading into the season.

The defense seemed to win the day slightly today.

Kony Ealy continues to look dominant with his play. He had a couple of sacks on the day, including one where he went untouched around the left tackle. As good as Madison is I think Ealy will play a lot, including probably in the 3-spot on passing downs.

Brad Madison also got to the Tiger QBs a couple of times.

It seems like he is mentioned every practice, but Dominique Hamilton seems on a mission. He is also dominating from his defensive tackle position. Great quickness and push up the middle playing strong against the run (which was sorely missed after he was injured last season) as well as pressure up the middle. He could be the most important player on the defense this year.

Kentrell Brothers continues to look impressive. The true freshman is standing out and might look the most ready of all the newcomers to play. Having Lambert and Ebner ahead of him may prevent that, but he is looking good.

A strong day by the Tiger cornerbacks EJ Gaines and Kip Edwards. They are playing strong.

Randy Ponder is making a case for himself this early camp. Ponder has raised his level of play and is among the best looking defensive backs.

Kenronte Walker seems to have moved up with his early performance.

Kenji Jackson looks like he will have a monster year based on his early camp.

A full camp report is on it's way.

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