Mizzou Coaches On Tiger QB's First Week

ShowMeMizzou.com caught up with Missouri coaches Gary Pinkel and David Yost for their thoughts on how their quarterbacks are doing in the early going of pre-season football camp

Following a couple of practices early during fall camp, ShowMeMizzou.com caught up with Coach Pinkel, and Coach Yost, to get their thoughts on Missouri's QBs.

"I think that the best players are competing against themselves, and they aren't really worried about the guys around them," explained Coach Pinkel, beginning to talk about James Franklin. "That's how you become really good. You aren't worried about who is trying to get the job, you are just competing to be the best you can be. There is no question that is his approach. He is learning. He does a lot of good things, and he makes a mistake here or there, which young guys do. Those are the things you want to eliminate. Those critical errors are the things that really hurt your football team.......................... It's a war out there, especially at that position!"

James Franklin

Corbin Berkstresser

Ashton Glaser

"Well I think it's all about competing," stated Coach Pinkel, speaking to how Corbin's Berkstresser fits into the QB picture. "They all come in and compete. We have to evaluate who our quarterback is going to be, who our second and third team quarterbacks are going to be. It is an ongoing evaluation, as it is at every position. I want everybody to come in, and want to compete and play as freshmen. That's what you want. But, you have to see if they are ready."

During the first week of fall camp, James Franklin has really cemented his hold on the starting QB job at Missouri. And, he's steadily improving. Here's some of Coach Yost's thoughts about his starting QB.

"He does a pretty good job with those secondary throws over people, and in front of people, where you kind of have to design it a little bit," explained Coach Yost, describing some of what Franklin does well. "He does a really good job on the verticals on the outside, kind of in our quick game. He has a different running dimension. He has kind of a sense of running? You can use him as a runner. You kind of have to pick your spots, but he can kind of be a big back, a little bit. He runs strong."

So, with Franklin competing against himself, to be the best that he can be, the other competition at QB is a battle between three guys for the back-up job. Ashton Glaser, Jimmy Costello, and Corbin Berkstresser each bring their unique abilities to the competition. Early on, it appears that it may come down to Glaser's experience, versus Berkstresser's talent. It's just a matter of time before Berkstresser overtakes Glaser on the depth chart. The question remains: will it be this fall?

"The best guy is going to move up," explained Coach Yost. "There's a lot of competition there for the spot. Ashton's our number two, right now. But, he's got to play like a number two. And, that's what Jimmy's going to try to do, and that's where Corbin's going to try to get himself to."

During the first week of fall camp, it's been exciting to watch Franklin get better every day. And, it's interesting to see the way that the competition for the back-up job is shaping up.

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