Monday (8-15-11) Practice Report

On Monday morning, the Missouri Tigers returned to the practice field following Saturday's scrimmage, and a Sunday that featured lots of video review, and staff meetings.

On Monday morning, the Missouri Tigers returned to the practice field following Saturday's scrimmage, and a Sunday that featured lots of video review, and staff meetings.  The Tigers practiced on grass, in full pads, for two-and-a-half hours.  Coach Pinkel said that this is the part of camp where the players simply have to grind their way through, which he said develops mental toughness.

"I think overall, it was a good practice,"  said Coach Pinkel.  "We did a lot of good things.  We're kind of grinding through, now, which is good for them.  It's tough.  But, that's also what makes you tough.  And, it also makes you a better football team."

The biggest injury of camp occurred this morning, as Elvis Fisher went down during a 1-on-1 pass rush drill, with what looked like, and what Coach Pinkel described as, a "serious knee injury".

  We'll know more about Fisher's injury later, but it doesn't look good.  Those who wore red jerseys this morning included Jerrell Jackson, Eric Waters, Travis Ruth, Kenji Jackson, Brad Madison, and Jimmy Burge.  Coach Pinkel suggested that they would get all of those players back by next week.

Numerous changes were noted in the depth chart following the first scrimmage of fall camp.  I'll update the depth chart that's pinned atop the Premium Message Board.  A couple of the more notable moves included Sheldon Richardson moving up to the third team defense, and Marcus Lucas moving to the X WR position, where he was second, behind Brandon Gerau, in Jerrell Jackson's absence.  L'Damian Washington and Bud Sasser each moved to the Z WR position, where they were listed second, and third, respectively.  Brayden Burnett and Michael Sam appeared to be splitting snaps at the first-team DE position, in Brad Madison's absence.  Jayson Palmgren was playing center with the first-team offense, in Ruth's absence.  It looked like Jimmy Costello has taken over the number two QB spot, following his impressive showing on Saturday.

When Fisher left the field, Justin Britt moved from left guard to left tackle, and Jack Meiners moved up and over to left guard.  Coach Pinkel said that he wasn't sure if that would be permanent, in the event of Fisher's prolonged absence, and said that was something that would be discussed once they know more about Fisher's prognosis.

"Justin Britt, most likely, will go out to tackle,"  replied Coach Pinkel, when he was pressed on a contingency plan, should Fisher be lost for the season.  "I really feel bad for Elvis.  That's the toughest thing."

On a grim day, there were some positives.  Richardson picked up a couple of TFLs during 11-on-11s, and he just continues to go right by offensive linemen.  Anthony Gatti was back in the mix, and played well.  Kentrell Brothers continues to impress, after having moved up to the number three defense.  James Franklin and Jimmy Costello each picked up right where they left off on Saturday.  Franklin was especially sharp today.

During 7-on-7s, Franklin found Gerau in the left seam, in front of Zaviar Gooden, for a nice gain.  Franklin started to throw the football, then pulled it back, and then got it to Kendial Lawrence out along the left sideline, in front of Kip Edwards, for a nice gain.  Franklin looked at two receivers on the right side, then looked left, reset his feet, and got it to Moe, in the left seam at the goal line, in front of Edwards.  Franklin hit Michael Egnew on a cross, in front of Gooden.  Franklin's attempt, intended for Egnew fell incomplete.  Egnew kept going, and it appeared that Franklin thought he would stop.  On the next play, Egnew sat down in the left seam, at the goal line, and Franklin zipped it into to him.  Franklin's fade pass, intended for Marcus Lucas in the back left corner of the end zone, was slightly overthrown.  Lucas came down with it, but he landed just out of bounds.

Glaser got the ball to Gahn McGaffie out along the right sideline for a nice gain.  Glaser looked left, then hit McGaffie over the middle for a score.  He got past Daniel Easterly. 

Berkstresser hit Rolandis Woodland on a drag route.  Woodland kept going, turned on the jets, and got the edge along the left sideline.  Coach Steckel could be heard yelling at the defense. 
During the Tiger drill, De'Vion Moore ran through Braylon Webb.  Woodland got past Easterly.  Jared Culver ran over Trey Hobson, but Hobson stripped the football.  Tristen Holt tackled Gerau.  Jimmie Hunt got past David Johnson.  Tavon Bolden tackled Tyler Hunt. 

During 11-on-11s, Franklin hit Wes Kemp on a post for a first down, and then some.  Franklin found Egnew out on the right side, but Xavier Smith raked the ball away.  Franklin fired one in to Washington, in front of Smith, out along the right side.  Later, Lawrence took a hand-off and went off left tackle, where Lucas Vincent made the stop.  Franklin dropped it off out in the right flat to Lawrence.  He picked up about six yards before Andrew Wilson ran him out of bounds.  Franklin hit Moore out along the left side.  Moore took a hand-off and ran left, where he was taken down from behind.  Jerrell Jackson, who was standing on the sideline, claimed "horse-collar!"  Franklin found Egnew, sitting down over the middle.  Lawrence ran right for a first down.  Franklin was hit just as he threw the football, which fell incomplete.  Franklin found Moe out along the left sideline.  Gooden came up and stuffed Lawrence at the line of scrimmage.  Franklin changed the
play at the line of scrimmage, then hit Kemp on a post at the goal line.  Nice throw and catch, against coverage by Matt White and Will Ebner.  E.J. Gaines played the slant aggressively, and broke up a pass intended for Gerau.  Dominique Hamilton got good penetration, and he and Sam stuffed Moore on an inside run.
Costello found McGaffie over the middle, in front of Johnson. 

Lawrence took a hand-off, and went inside for a nice gain.  Costello got it to McGaffie out along the right side for a nice gain.  He had gotten away from Clarence Green.  Costello hit McGaffie on a slant for a big gain.  Costello has picked right up from where he left off on Saturday.  After a rough first week, Costello is currently the second-best QB out here.

Glaser faked a hand-off, then took it up inside for a short gain.  Later, Glaser got the ball out on the left side to Woodland.  Glaser kept it, and started up inside.  Matt Hoch and Sheldon Richardson were there to stop him short of the line of scrimmage.  Then, Richardson got into the back-field for a sack.  Washington got a hand on Glaser's pass in the back corner of the end zone, but couldn't bring it in.

Berkstresser overthrew Wes Leftwich as he and David Johnson were chicken-fighting down along the left sideline.  A couple of fast guys.  Berkstresser found Beau Brinkley over the middle.  Berkstresser dropped it off to Woodland over the middle.  Michael Brennen was right there to make the stop.

The competition is heating up, especially among the WRs.  They're bunched up, and it's hard to determine exactly which ones will be playing on Saturdays.  There's some shifting around up front, on both sides of the football, as the injuries have mounted.

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