Monday Afternoon Practice Report

The Missouri Tigers came out for a light afternoon practice working to overcome the bad news from the morning when starting tackle Elvis Fisher was lost.

On Monday afternoon, the Missouri Tigers returned to the grass fields for their second workout of the day, in shorts and shells (helmets and shoulder pads).  This was a shorter practice, with very limited contact, and featured considerable special teams work.

Afterwards, Coach Pinkel said that he had been over to check on Elvis Fisher a couple of times today.  He said that while it's a tough deal, and that he "feels really bad for Elvis", that he and the team have to move forward, and prepare for the season.

There are several other injuries to report, including Brad Madison (shoulder), Kenji Jackson (hamstring), Jerrell Jackson (hamstring), Travis Ruth (Achilles), Eric Waters, and Kerwin Stricker, each of whom wore a red jersey, and sat out all drills.  Wearing red pull-overs and participating on a limited basis were Jimmy Burge and Stephen Drain.

This afternoon, Justin Britt and Jack Meiners each played with the first-team offense, at left tackle and left guard, respectively.  Jayson Palmgren is doing a nice job at the center position.  It appears that Britt will be the left tackle, for now.  I'd heard his name mentioned as Fisher's probable successor moving forward, so this is just a year earlier than was anticipated.  This is also the way to get the Tigers' best five on the field to start the game.  It looks like Meiners is the next man in.

During the 1-on-1 pass-rush drills, Anthony Gatti re-gripped, but it wasn't enough to stop Michael Sam.   Terrell Resonno swatted Mark Hill aside.  Jacquies Smith beat Dan Hoch at the snap, and got the edge.  Derrion Thomas ran past Kyle Starke.  Sheldon Richardson man-handled Max Copeland.  Dominique Hamilton powered his way past Mitch Morse.  Brayden Burnett's second effort got him past Anthony Gatti.  Michael Sam used a spin move to get past Justin Britt.  Michael Boddie did a nice job against Shane Ray, but Ray just kept coming, and picked up the sack.  Stephen Carberry stone-walled Derrion Thomas. 

During 11-on-11s, De'Vion Moore took a pitch from James Franklin, and picked up three yards around the left side.  Franklin completed a middle screen to Moore for about five yards.  Then, Franklin found Egnew in the left seam for a first down.

Jimmy Costello pitched the ball to Henry Josey, who took it around the left side for a nice gain. Greg White took an inside hand-off over left tackle for a short gain.  Costello's swing pass, intended for Josey, was thrown behind him, and fell incomplete.  Intelligently, Josey covered the football.  Greg White ran left for a short gain. 

Jimmy Hunt took a hand-off from Ashton Glaser and ran left for a short gain.  Glaser hit Rolandis Woodland on a quick hitter over along the right sideline for a nice gain.

Corbin Berkstresser got one to Terry Dennis over the middle, for a nice gain.  After Keric Lickerman burst through and tackled Tyler Hunt for a loss, Berkstresser found Dennis out along the left sideline, for a nice gain.  Dan Carpenter took a pitch from Berkstresser, and went around the right side for a short gain. 

Berkstresser got it to Andrew Jones in the left seam for a first down.  Josey took a pitch and went around the left side for a nice gain.  Under pressure, Berkstresser threw it away.  Then Berkstresser found McGaffie over the middle. 

Berkstresser had another good practice this afternoon.  He has about two weeks to move up.  Costello has gotten on track, and appears to have a pretty good handle on the back-up job.
After what appeared to me to be a strong first week, and a good scrimmage, David Johnson is still at the back of the CB line. 

Gahn McGaffie hasn't missed a beat, after returning from his hamstring injury.  Like Brandon Gerau, McGaffie does everything correctly.  He's not spectacular, but he does what he's supposed to do, and he catches everything.

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