Tuesday (8-16-11) Practice Report

These are the dog days of camp, and the staff is constantly encouraging the players to fight through their fatigue, and their aches and pains as the Tigers practiced for two hours Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday morning, the Missouri Tigers practiced indoors in full pads for more than two hours.  These are the dog days of camp, and the staff is constantly encouraging the players to fight through their fatigue, and their aches and pains.  Coach Pinkel addressed this after practice.

"It was a pretty good practice,"  explained Coach Pinkel.  "This our fifteenth practice in about a ten-day period of time........................... Guys are tired and sore.  That's where you're supposed to be.  I told guys afterward, if you're not tired and sore, and you don't feel awful, then you're not working hard enough.  O.K.  That's the way you're supposed to feel.  But, you're not supposed to show that you feel that way."

It appears that the staff has settled on Justin Britt to play left tackle, going forward.  Britt had a good day of practice today.  I think he is actually a better fit at tackle, the opposite of Jack Meiners, who is more strong than fast.  Britt is more quick, and agile, than he is strong.  During 11-on-11s today, Britt and Meiners, playing side-by-side on the left side, opened up some big holes for Kendial Lawrence and De'Vion Moore.  Jayson Palmgren continues to do a good job with snapping the football.

"(Justin Britt) is a really good athlete,"  began Coach Pinkel.   "He's a really smart guy.  He's got a lot going for him.  Now, he's going to be in one spot............................ If it was a year from now, that's where he was going to be.  We've identified him.  We've got the right guy there."

Travis Ruth, Jerrell Jackson, Brad Madison, Kenji Jackson, and Kerwin Stricker, each wore a red jersey today, and sat out all drills.  Coach Pinkel said that Elvis Fisher will undergo surgery today.  Eric Water, Jimmy Burge, and Stephen Drain wore red pull-overs, as they are starting to work their way back in.
The offense and defense ended in a tie.  Grant Ressel hit a 46-yard FG to break the tie, and give the offense the win.

During a 1-on-1 pass-receiving drill, Zaviar Gooden jumped a Brandon Gerau out pattern, and broke up James Franklin's pass.  Franklin looked sharp today, except when he was trying to get the ball to Gerau.  Gerau appeared to be slower than usual today, coming out of his breaks, and several of Franklin's throws were out in front of him.  Gerau wasn't the only one with tired legs, but of the top receivers, he's the one who can least afford to slow down.

Continuing the 1-on-1, Ashton Glaser's pass attempt, intended for Kendial Lawrence along the left side, was broken up by Tristen Holt.  Will Ebner jumped Andrew Jones on a slant, and broke up the Corbin Berkstresser pass.  Jimmy Costello completed a pass to Moore, with Ernest Payton in tight coverage.  Franklin hit Henry Josey right in the chest, literally, as the ball bounced out, and fell incomplete.  Glaser got one out along the right sideline to Jimmie Hunt.  Costello got one to Terry Dennis, out along the right sideline, in front of Tony Randolph.  Franklin hooked up with T.J. Moe out along the right sideline, in front of Gooden.  Nice throw and catch!  Right on time.

During the 7-on-7s, Franklin found Moe in the left seam for a first down.

Glaser's Pass attempt, intended for McGaffie, was tipped into the air, and Trey Hobson came up with the interception.
During the 1-on-1 pass-rush drills, Michael Sam put a pair of spin moves on Britt, but Britt moved his feet, re-gripped, and stayed with him for the win.  Kony Ealy utilized a spin move to get past Chris FreemanAnthony Gatti pushed Brayden Burnett to the ground, then fell on top of him.  Kony Ealy blew past Freeman.  Sheldon Richardson pushed Max Copeland back into the QB.  Wuebbels stuffed George White.  Meiners stayed in front of Richardson, but Richardson pushed him back into the QB.  A little later, Meiners got a rematch, stayed lower, and picked up the win.  Dominique Hamilton bull-rushed Wuebbels for a win.  Britt took a good angle, and picked up a win over Burnett.  Wuebbels stone-walled George White.  Mitch Morse latched onto Richardson, and held on for a win. 

During kick-off coverage, E.J. Gaines came down on coverage, and blew up Wes Leftwich.  Leftwich held onto the football, and both players bounced back to their feet.  Josey is the primary return man, followed by Lawrence, and Hunt.

During 11-on-11, Franklin Got it out to Gerau near the left sideline.  Gerau came out of his break slowly, then sped up to catch up with Franklin's well-placed pass.  Moore took a hand-off and went off-tackle, then sped toward the corner of the end zone.  Franklin hit Egnew near the left seam for a first down.  Franklin hit Moe on a cross, right in stride, for a big gain.  Franklin hit Wes Kemp on a deep post for six.  Moore took a hand-off and cut up inside, where he was tackled by Kenronte Walker for no gain.  Franklin found Egnew near the right hash, to move the chains.  Lawrence ran left, and really showed some speed, as he got the edge, for a nice gain, before Gooden and Matt White ran him out of bounds.  Moore took a hand-off over the left side, then found an opening, and raced into the end zone.

Josey took a hand-off from Costello, and sped around the right side for a nice gain.  Greg White went off left tackle for a nice gain.  Costello's pass over the middle, intended for Jones, was intercepted by Will Ebner.  Then, Costello pulled the ball down, and took off up inside for a nice gain.  Greg White took a hand-off, and picked up good yardage over the left side.  Richardson stopped Josey for no gain, as he ran left.  Greg White hauled in a quick out near the left sideline.  Xavier Smith was right there to make the stop.  Costello found Bud Sasser on a deep cross.  Ian Simon had the coverage.  Nice throw and catch!

Derrion Thomas got a hand on Glaser's arm, as he was preparing to pull it down, and the ball came out.  Andrew Jones dropped Glaser's pass.  Glaser tried to get the ball deep down the left sideline to L'Damian Washington.  Payton was right with him stride for stride, as the pass fell incomplete.

Berkstresser completed a pass to Beau Brinkley near the left hash.  Berkstresser pulled it down, and picked up a couple of yards before Luke Lambert arrived.  Richardson got in and jostled Berkstresser, causing his pass attempt to fall to the turf.  Berkstresser found Dennis on a cross.  Leftwich dropped Berkstresser's pass, near the left sideline.  Berkstresser's pass attempt, intended for Jones was broken up.  Braylon Webb and Luke Lambert were both in there.

Richardson continues to progress, and appears to be climbing the depth chart, as he's getting more and more work with the first and second units.  The starting backfield of Franklin and Lawrence have each been playing very well, and once the staff settles on a rotation at the outside receiver positions, this offense will be formidable.

Brayden Burnett has taken great advantage of Madison's injury, as he continues to assault the two-deep. 

Coach Pinkel said that he's taking the team to the Lorenzo Williams' Fun Zone this afternoon.

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