Mizzou Second Scrimmage Report

On Thursday morning, the Missouri Tigers held their second scrimmage of fall camp. This was a little bit shorter scrimmage, with a little more emphasis on work for those in competition for the two-deep

On Thursday morning, the Missouri Tigers held their second scrimmage of fall camp.  This was a little bit shorter scrimmage, with a little more emphasis on work for those in competition for the two-deep. 

The defense prevailed, by the score of 12-8.  James Franklin had a good day, going 11 for 18, for 98 yards, including a couple of balls that were dropped.  He also had a rushing touchdown.  Kendial Lawrence had 11 carries, for 76 yards, and 1 TD.

Afterward, Coach Pinkel talked about how his team performed.
"I thought it was a good scrimmage,"  said Coach Pinkel.  "We did a lot of good things on both sides of the ball.  It's all about the eleven guys that are out on the field at that time, and being accountable to one another, and getting your job done.  We've got, certainly, a lot to do to improve.  We'll look at this, we'll grade it this afternoon, and watch it tonight as a team, and come back out for a pads practice tomorrow morning."

Prior to the actual scrimmage, the Tigers worked on kick-offs.  Henry Josey, Kendial Lawrence, and Jimmie Hunt each returned kicks.

Wearing red jerseys, and sitting out the scrimmage, were Brad Madison, Kenji Jackson, Jerrell Jackson, Travis Ruth, Eric Waters, and Kerwin Stricker.  Most of these players are expected to return to action next week.

Franklin brought the first-team offense out from his own 1-yard line.  Lawrence took a hand-off and ran left.  Trey Hobson and Darvin Ruise were in on the tackle.  Lawrence spun away from a tackle, and picked up about three yards.  Facing third-and-three, Franklin got the ball out to T.J. Moe, along the left sideline, for the first down.

Jimmy Costello brought the second unit out from the one.  E.J. Gaines got into the back field and batted down Costello's pass.  Trey Hobson stepped in front of Costello's pass, out near the right sideline, and ran it in for the score.

Ashton Glaser picked the snap up off of the ground.  Marvin Foster was in the back field, and Sheldon Richardson was there to make the stop.  Greg White took a hand-off, and went over left tackle for a couple.  Richardson, Ray, and Randolph were in on the stop.   Then, Glaser hit Bud Sasser in the right seam for a first down.

Andrew Wilson came across and stuffed Lawrence for no gain.  Franklin threaded one in to Michael Egnew on a post, for a first down.  Will Ebner almost got a hand on it, but Franklin's throw was just out of his reach, as he dove across the field.  Lawrence took a hand-off and ran left for about 3 yards.  Wilson was there on the stop.  Franklin hit Lawrence sitting down over the middle.  Kenronte Walker was right there to make the stop, setting up a third-and-one.  Michael Sam and Jimmy Burge were there to stuff Lawrence for no gain.  De'Vion Moore tried the left side on fourth down.  A host of tacklers were there to deny the first down, including Kony Ealy, Brayden Burnett, and E.J. Gaines.

Franklin was flushed out to the right, then got the ball out along the right sideline to Moe for five yards.  Moore ran right for no gain.  Ebner, Marvin Foster, and Matt Hoch were all in on the stop.  Franklin's pass attempt, intended for Wes Kemp was broken up, and nearly intercepted.

Corbin Berkstresser got it out to Tyler Hunt on a swing pass, for about five yards.  Cortland Browning made the tackle.  Hunt took a hand-off, and ran left for about five yards.  Berkstresser pulled it down and took off.  He tried to run over Michael Brennan.  That didn't work, but he did pick up a first down.  Tyler Hunt ran right.  Derrion Thomas stuffed that one for no gain.  Ernest Payton arrived along with Berkstresser's pass, intended for Dan Carpenter, and broke it up.  Thomas chased Berkstresser out of the pocket.  Running left, Berkstresser tried to get it down the left sideline, intended for Bud Sasser.

Brennan and David Johnson had it covered, and the pass fell incomplete.  Berkstresser's pass was a little low, but Wesley Leftwich made the grab, and picked up the first down, on a slant route.  Berkstresser found Sasser in the left seam, in between defenders.  Nice throw and catch for a first down!
Jacquies Smith was right in Costello's face, and Costello's pass was overthrown.  Smith was in the back field again, and Costello unloaded it out of bounds.  Chris Freeman was glad to see Smith run off of the field.  His relief was short-lived however, as he watched Kony Ealy coming in to take Smith's place.  Costello got it out quickly to Andrew Jones, out along the right side, for about three yards.

Grant Ressel hit a 42-yard FG.  Braylon Webb did the holding.
Glaser got the ball to Rolandis Woodland near the left hash for a short gain.  Sheldon Richardson was in on the tackle.  Glaser completed a pass to Sasser in the right seam for about five yards.  Tony Randolph was there to make the stop.  On third-and-two, Jared Culver started right, then cut back inside to pick up a first down.  Glaser was chased out of the pocket, and lost the football, but he managed to get it back.  Marvin Foster flushed Glaser out again, but Glaser unloaded it in the direction of Woodland.  Glaser got it to Woodland near the left hash for about five yards.  Glaser kept it, and ran up inside for about three yards.  Tristen Holt almost had the interception, as he broke up Glaser's pass attempt, intended for Woodland, deep down the left side.  Glaser's pass attempt hit Jimmie Hunt right in the hands, but the pass fell incomplete.  Woodland made the reception on a post, good for a first down.

Kendial Lawrence took Franklin's hand-off off right tackle, and raced 60 yards for the score.  Lawrence ran left for a loss of one.  Jared Parham and Burge were in on the tackle.  Lawrence started left, then worked his way back inside for about five yards.  Burge and Webb made the stop.  Moore picked up about five yards, running inside.  Kony Ealy got in Franklin's face, and batted Franklin's pass down.  Coach Steckel, who has been on Ealy's case in recent days, was effusive in his praise of Ealy, saying, "That's how you do it!" 

Moore took a Franklin pitch, ran left, and picked up five yards.  Matt Hoch got in the back field.  Lawrence avoided Hoch, but struggled to get back to the line of scrimmage.  On third-and-five, Franklin faked the hand-off, and ran around the right side.  Richardson showed great quickness, to run down the line of scrimmage, and stop Franklin short of the first down.  A couple of plays later, Franklin hit Kemp on a post for a first down. 

Berkstresser found Sasser on a slant.  Sasser quickly changed direction, and picked up a first down.   Randolph broke up a pass attempt, intended for Stephen Drain.  Randolph stepped in front of a Berkstresser pass, and then tacked on a nice return.   Derrion Thomas sacked Berkstresser.  Berkstresser's pass sailed right through Jaleel Clark's hands.

Glaser picked up three or four on a draw.  Webb had tight coverage on Woodland, who dropped Glaser's pass attempt.  Dominique Hamilton, and Michael Sam sacked Glaser.
In the red zone, Franklin's pass was tipped, the caught by Lawrence near the left pylon.  Daniel Easterly hit Moe early, to break up a pass attempt near the goal line.  Franklin faked an inside hand-off, then ran around the right side untouched.

On a play that was really well-blocked, Greg White took a pitch and ran around the left side for a score.

A little later, Braylon Webb stepped in front of a Berkstresser pass, but the ball went off of his hands and Trey Hobson came up with the tipped ball.

After the scrimmage, Coach Pinkel seemed upbeat.  He had witnessed a good effort, and no one was injured.  He explained that when the offense does well, the defensive coaches are not happy, and when the defense does well, the offensive staff is displeased.

"I think we did some good things,"  explained Coach Pinkel.  "We can be better.  That's the message to our football team.  We have to feel the urgency to be better, because we're running out of time."

Scrimmage Statistics

Scoring Plays

Trey Hobson 12-yard interception return
Kendial Lawrence 60-yard run
James Franklin 5-yard run
Greg White 13-yard run
Tyler Hunt 11-yard run
Grant Ressel 50-yard field goal
Trey Barrow 18-yard field goal

Passing Stats
James Franklin - 11/18, 98 yards
Jimmy Costello - 8/18, 64 yards, 1 INT
Ashton Glaser - 8/13, 107 yards
Corbin Berkstresser - 11/25, 83 yards, 2 INT
Kortland Webb - 2/3, 14 yards

TOTALS: 40/73, 366 yards, 3 INT

Rushing Stats
Kendial Lawrence - 11 carries, 76 yards, 1 TD
Corbin Berkstresser - 5 carries, 22 yards
De'Vion Moore - 8 carries, 22 yards
Greg White - 3 carries, 16 yards, 1 TD
Ashton Glaser - 6 carries, 16 yards
Tyler Hunt - 4 carries, 23 yards, 1 TD
Kortland Webb - 2 carries, 9 yards
Jared Culver - 2 carries, 7 yards
James Franklin - 2 carries, 4 yards, 1 TD
T.J. Moe - 1 carry, 0 yards
Henry Josey - 2 carries, (-4) yards

TOTALS: 46 carries, 191 yards, 4 TD

Receiving Stats
Stephen Drain - 4 rec., 72 yards
Bud Sasser - 5 rec., 39 yards
Rolandis Woodland - 4 rec., 31 yards
Wes Kemp - 3 rec., 31 yards
Andrew Jones - 3 rec., 28 yards
T.J. Moe - 3 rec., 21 yards
Tyler Hunt - 3 rec., 18 yards
Kendial Lawrence - 2 rec., 20 yards
Marcus Lucas - 2 rec., 19 yards
Michael Egnew - 2 rec., 18 yards
Gahn McGaffie - 2 rec., 16 yards
Wesley Leftwich - 1 rec., 12 yards
De'Vion Moore - 1 rec., 9 yards
Brandon Gerau - 1 rec., 8 yards
Greg White - 1 rec., 7 yards
Jimmie Hunt - 2 rec., 6 yards

TOTALS: 40 rec., 366 yards

Field Goals

Grant Ressel - 5-of-6 (Made: 32, 37, 42, 32, 50; Missed: 41)
Trey Barrow - 5-of-6 (Made: 32, 41, 42, 32, 18; Missed: 37)
Andrew Baggett - 4-of-5 (Made: 32, 37, 41, 32; Missed: 42)

Trey Barrow - 8 punts, 40.13 average
Christian Brinser - 7 punts, 43.57 average
Andrew Baggett - 1 punt, 32.00 average

Defense Superlatives

Passes Broken Up: (2 each) Kony Ealy, Tristen Holt; (1 each) Brayden Burnett, Daniel Easterly, E.J. Gaines, Dominique Hamilton, Ernest Payton, Xavier Smith.

Tackles For Loss: (1 each) Jimmy Burge, Kony Ealy, E.J. Gaines, Luke Lambert, Terrell Resonno.

Interceptions: (2) Trey Hobson, 1 TD; (1) Tony Randolph.
Sacks: (1 each) Michael Brennan, Brayden Burnett, Brendan Donaldson, Dominique Hamilton, Shane Ray, Michael Sam, Derrion Thomas.

Fumble Recovery: (1) Donovan Bonner

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