Saturday (8-20-11) Practice Report

Practicing in shorts and shells made for light contact, as fall camp begins to wind down.The team will practice again on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, with a final scrimmage on Thursday to close.

On Saturday morning, the Missouri Tigers practiced indoors in shells for over two hours.  Practicing in shorts and shells made for light contact, as fall camp begins to wind down.  School starts on Monday, and the team will practice again on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, with a final scrimmage on Thursday to close  fall camp.

"School starts Monday,"  began Coach Pinkel, as he talked about the close of fall camp.  "We still, officially, got Tuesday, Wednesday, and then we'll have a Thursday scrimmage.  But, for all intents and purposes, this is kind of over right now.  We're excited about it................................ It's been very, very competitive.  Overall, I thought we had good work today."

Coach Pinkel said that they would begin preparation for Miami (OH) later today, admitting that they've already begun some preparation for the season opener.

Coach Pinkel confirmed that freshman DT Gerrand Johnson has "decided to leave the program."  There were no new changes in the depth chart to report.
Freshman LB Brandon Durant ha

s an ACL injury, and will undergo surgery.  Travis Ruth, Jerrell Jackson, Brad Madison, Jacquies Smith, Will Ebner, Kenji Jackson, Matt White, Tavon Bolden, and Kerwin Stricker all wore red jerseys, and sat out all drills.  Eric Waters and Wesley Leftwich wore red pull-overs, and  participated in most drills.  Coach Pinkel said that he expects to get everyone back, except for Durant, who joins Marcus Murphy and Elvis Fisher as players who will miss the season.

During 1-on-1 pass-rush drills, Dan Hoch stone-walled Brayden BurnettDominique Hamilton and Austin Wuebbels wrestled to a draw.  Jayson Palmgren stone-walled Jimmy BurgeJack Meiners moved his feet, and picked up a win over Terrell ResonnoKony Ealy blew past Taylor ChappellSheldon Richardson blew past Max Copeland.  A few minutes later, Copeland re-gripped, moved his feet, and blocked Richardson.  Mark Hill won a closely contested battle over Marvin Foster.  Dan Hoch turned away Burnett's triple spin move.  Even then, Burnett kept coming until the whistle.  That's Burnett's motor at work.  Resonno picked up a win over Palmgren.  Meiners re-gripped, and blocked Michael SamMatt Hoch ran past Anthony Gatti.  Ealy got past Dan Hoch, but Hoch cut him off, and took him past the QB.  Great recovery!  Wuebbels stone-walled Foster.  Lucas Vincent got the jump on Palmgren, to pick up a win.  Richardson beat Meiners.

Costello found Eric Waters out along the right side for a nice gain.  Costello's pass attempt, intended for Waters, fell incomplete.
Berkstresser found Jaleel Clark for a nice gain out along the right side.  Ernest Payton knocked Berkstresser's pass away from Jimmie Hunt, out near the left sideline.

Glaser hit Rolandis Woodland on a slant for a nice gain.  Nice throw and catch!  Glaser found Andrew Jones sitting down over the middle.

During a special teams segment, Henry Josey, Kendial Lawrence, Jimmie Hunt, and T.J. Moe worked as kick returners.
During 11-on-11s, Franklin hit Lawrence on a screen pass out on the left side.  That play was well-blocked by Wes Kemp and Michael Egnew, and it looked like Lawrence would have scored.  Franklin faked a hand-off, and went over the right side for another big gain.  Franklin hit Egnew on a slant for a first down.  Josey took a hand-off and picked up a nice gain.  Franklin got it to Moe out along the right sideline.  Moe turned it up for a big gain.  Franklin hit Moe on a deep slant for a score.  Franklin's attempt out along the left sideline was a little high, and went off of Moe's fingertips.  Franklin found Egnew out along the right side for a nice gain.  Franklin got it to Gahn McGaffie in the right seam.  Lawrence took an inside hand-off and turned it up for a big gain. 

Later, Josey took a Franklin hand-off, and found a big hole off right tackle for what may have been a score.  Under pressure from Hamilton, Franklin took off up inside for a sizable
gain.  Later, Lawrence ran left.  Zaviar Gooden stretched it out to the sideline, but Lawrence got enough of the edge to pick up a couple before he was run out of bounds.  Gooden dropped to the turf for a couple of push-ups.  Franklin hit Kemp on a 15-yard out, over the top of Andrew Wilson, and in front of Kip Edwards.  That was thrown from the opposite hash.  Lawrence dropped a Franklin pass that had hit him right in the hands.  Franklin completed a deep pass to Kemp over on the left sideline.  Kemp was able to turn around, and look that ball in with both eyes.  Then, he turned with the football, and outran the defense to the end zone.  Franklin completed a middle screen to Kemp, then came back to Egnew over in the right seam.  Franklin found Moe in the left seam for a nice gain, in between three defenders.  Xavier Smith immediately tackled Moe.  Smith got a hand on Franklin's next pass attempt, intended for Moe.  Then, Franklin hit Brandon Gerau in
the left corner of the end zone.  Gerau had eluded Ian Simon.
Costello hit L'Damian Washington on a deep slant for a big gain.  Nice throw and catch!  Costello found McGaffie sitting down near the right hash.  Costello hit Washington on a tunnel screen over on the left side.  Costello tried to hand the ball to Josey, but the ball ended up on the ground, reminiscent of Chase Daniel to Jeremy Maclin, in Norman.  Then, Costello missed Josey out in the right flat.  Costello's pass was batted down at the line of scrimmage.  Randy Ponder jumped a Costello pass out along the right sideline for an interception.

Berkstresser's pass out along the left side, intended for Stephen Drain, fell incomplete.  Costello hit Rolandis Woodland right in the chest.  Incomplete.  Payton had the coverage.  Berkstresser went deep down the left hash, where Jimmie Hunt had a couple of steps on Michael Brennan.  Hunt made a slight adjustment on the ball in the air, and ran right under it for a score.  Later, Berkstresser pitched it to Greg White, who cut inside of a nice block by Andrew Jones, for a nice gain.  Berkstresser kept it for a short gain.  Berkstresser got it over the defense to Marcus Lucas down along the left sideline.  Tremendous throw!  Lucas had only green in front of him.  Berkstresser had a very good day.  He was easily the second-best QB on the field today.  Berkstresser hit Bud Sasser, who turned it into a big gain with some yards-after-catch.  Sheldon Richardson sacked Berkstresser.  Berkstresser got it to Jimmie Hunt, who had outdistanced Brennan.  Richardson
broke through, and got in Berkstresser's face, forcing him to overthrow Woodland out along the left sideline.

Daniel Easterly broke up an Ashton Glaser pass, intended for Jared Culver.  A couple of plays later, Glaser rolled right, then threw into coverage and was intercepted.  Later, Glaser hit Jimmie Hunt out along the left sideline.  Nice throw and catch, in front of Tony Randolph.  Greg White ran right for a nice gain.  Glaser hit Tyler Hunt with a swing pass, out in the right flat.

Coach Pinkel mentioned that the competition within the depth chart isn't over, but suggested that much of it is settled.

A couple of weeks after Coaches Pinkel and Yost has said that they would utilize a 7-8 man rotation at the WR position, Coach Hill suggested that only the first and second team guys would play very much.  He echoed Coach Pinkel's suggestion, saying that the competition for those top six spots is ongoing

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