Tiger Freshman Intro: Cortland Browning

ShowMeMizzou.com continues it's introduction of the Missouri Tiger freshman football players to Mizzou fans with one of it's two new Texas safety prospects, Cortland Browning.

Missouri's 2011 freshmen class features some fast and athletic DBs.  Among them is SS Cortland Browning  6'1"  198  4.4, who stopped by after a recent practice to talk to ShowMeMizzou.com about getting started at Missouri.

"It's going pretty good,"  said Browning.  "It's a learning process.  I'm just taking it step by step.  Trying to get into the rotation......................... It's a big transition.  In high school, you learn a play every other week.  Here, you learn four or five plays a day."

"You've got to have your fundamentals down,"  explained Browning.  "You make the wrong step, and you'll get beat at this level.  So, you've got to be clicking on all cylinders."

I asked Cortland how he's fitting in.

"I'm fitting in pretty good,"  replied Browning.  "I've got a long way to go.  You know, I'm going to be around awhile."

Browning talked about what he brings to the field, and what he needs to improve upon.

"I feel my coverage skills are pretty good,"  said Browning.  "But basically, I need to work on everything.  I'm trying to take it to the next level.  Trying to get on the field.  I can't be slacking in any area at this level.  I need to be fundamentally sound.  I'm just trying to be an all-around player.  There's always room for improvement."

Browning talked about getting to know some of the veteran players.

"Kenji (Jackson) is a real good Christian man,"  said Browning.  "He's somebody that you want to follow off and on the field, just the way that he carries himself.  He don't cuss, and he has a real positive attitude.  And Matt White, that's my big brother, so he treats me good.  Everybody, the whole secondary.  If you ask them a question, they'll answer it."

Browning's adjusting to his new environment.

"I mean, missing home is just part of it,"  said Browning.  "God has good intentions for me, so it's okay."

"I'm looking real forward to getting school started," continued Browning.  "You know, get the education, and just get the whole college experience started."

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