Tiger Freshman Intro: Ernest Payton

ShowMeMizzou.com introduces you to another Missouri Tiger from Texas, Ernest Payton, and gets his take on now being in Columbia and how his experience has been so far.

ShowMeMizzou.com spoke with another exciting freshmen during camp, CB Ernest Payton  6'3"  203  4.4, and he talked about his first camp, and about heading into his first season at Missouri.

"It's going pretty good,"  said Payton.  "We're getting better and better.  Coach is staying after practice with us and going over the plays, so we can get better and better.  Now, we feel comfortable.  When they give us a play, we can move faster than we did before."

"In college, the speed gets a little faster, and the talent gets a little better,"  said Payton, talking about the difference between high school and college ball.  "We've got some good coaches that will get us there.  Right now, they're doing what they said they were going to do.  They said that they were going to get me better, and here I am, getting better."

"I kind of like man coverage,"  said Payton, talking about what he's good at, and what he needs to work on.  "Because wherever the receiver goes, I go.  If he goes out of town, I go out of town with him.  But that zone, you got to be careful with that zone.............................. You've got to time everything."

"Once (the ball) is in the air, it's mine,"  Payton boldly proclaimed.  "It's mine!  I'll be dog-gone if I let a receiver jump over me."

Payton is a physical player, and with his size, he may have the option of playing another position.  He talked about that possibility.

"I might move to linebacker,"  mused Payton.  "I might.  They were talking about it, because they need linebackers that can do a little coverage.  And, by me playing corner, I've already got the coverages, just like I've learned how to play the ball."

Payton said that there have been some discussions about him possibly moving to SLB.

"There have been some discussions,"  explained Payton.  "I'm just waiting until they tell me.  But now, I'm a corner.  I'm just working on getting good at it.  I feel like I'm getting better at it............................... Wherever they put me, I'm going to work hard."

If it is decided that Payton's future is at the SLB, he'd have to put on about 25 pounds.

"Yeah.  I'd have to put some more weight on.  But, that ain't no problem, because I love the kitchen!"  said Payton, laughing.  "Yeah.  I love the kitchen."

"I love Columbia!  I love Columbia,"  said Payton, in reply to my question about how he likes it here.  "I love the atmosphere.  The people are nice.  I love it!.............................. I'm fitting in good!"

Payton talked about his goals.

"My goal is to make it to the national BCS Bowl, the championship,"  explained Payton

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