Tiger Freshman Intro: LB Clarence Green

Missouri freshman linebacker Clarence Green arrived this summer from Texas and has had to adjust to starting over at his new school,but has taken to things very well as you will find in this player introduction.

Following a recent practice, ShowMeMizzou.com spoke with freshman LB Clarence Green  6'0"  210  4.4, and he talked about heading into his first season at Missouri.

"It's pretty tough in the mental aspect,"  said Green.  "Physically, I've just got to get tougher.  It's not that bad.  You've just got to understand what the coach is telling you, and don't take it the wrong way, and just adjust to the assignments................................ You've just got to learn (not to take it personal), because you're going to make mistakes.  Everybody makes mistakes.  You've just got to take it in.............................. The upper-class men say that I'm adjusting pretty well.  So, I'm just trying to keep improving."

After being a highly decorated player in high school, who was always a starter, and often the best player on the field,  Green finds himself at the bottom of the depth chart.  I asked him how he's doing with that?

"The first week, it was hard to cope with,"  explained Green, who laughed when I asked the question.  "But then, I understood, you just have to set your pride aside.  And, just know that the coaches are going to give you the best opportunity.  They know what they see in the future.  In that case, they wouldn't have recruited me, if they didn't know I could be productive.  So, I've just got to learn, and just keep striving to get better." 

I inquired of Green if "setting his pride aside" was a growing experience.

"Yes sir.  It was a growing pain,"  admitted Green.  "I mean, I even had to call my mom, and talk to her about it.  I said, wow, this is something new to me!  But now, I'm alright with it.  I just got to keep working, and just stay focused."

Green said that his goal is to make the team stronger.

"I understand it's not about me,"  explained Green.  "It's about the team.  We've got the best players on the field right now, and they're making plays.  I'm happy for them, and I want to be up there one day."

Green reports a 38" vertical jump, from pre-camp testing, and a maximum in the bench press of 312 pounds, along with 14 reps at 225 pounds.  He said that his target playing weight is around 225 pounds.

Green is learning all three linebacker spots, although he doesn't expect to play in the middle, because of his size.  He talked about his goals for this year.

"This year, I want to get stronger,"  said Green.  "I want to know my assignments, play more physical, and just adjust to the speed of the game.  That's my goals."

"My goal right now is just to beat Miami (OH), the first game,"  stated Green, talking about his goal for the team.  "We can worry about the other teams later."

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